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Further Evidence on Why Cheaper than dirt sucks.

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  • Further Evidence on Why Cheaper than dirt sucks.


    Only $0.29 Per round for 22LR.

    I really hope these guy go out of business.

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    That's why I've always said "Cheaper Than Dirt but expensive as hell"...


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      I haven't used them in years - everything I bought seemed to come in Under the Condition stated.
      They definitely do price gouge on alot of stuff and they were the first to charge almost $100 for G.I. M16 mags that were only like 13 bucks the night before Sandy Hook.
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        Here at safehomeconsulting.com we do our best to be competitive in price and service. Some of the places on-line are not concerned with the customer in any way other than how fast they can run the credit card. Botac and cheaper than dirt are just a couple that come to mind.

        Sometimes they have some amazing prices and have no concern how they violate the dealer agreements with manufacturers. This makes me question the integrity of the company and its service.

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          cheaperthandirt.....gold plated shipping

          so, I nearly ordered a couple of small things with a total weight of about 3 pounds. The tiny order came to about $66 bucks. The GOLD PLATED shipping was $32. Seriously! Forget it.

          I've used them in the past, as in about 7 years ago, for many things. Their shipping was always in line with other retailers. Not this this time.

          I will again go to natchesshootingsupply for my needs.
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            I used CtD a lot, back about 15-20 years ago or so. They were s good source of American-made 3'X5" American and other flags, as well as surplus desiccant and similar items.

            What happened since then, I do not know, but starting around the time it looked like Kerry might actually pull an upset over GW in '04, I started seeing what can only be described as gouging practices in their catalogs. Haven't ordered anything from them since.