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Long Term Storable Food - More Info.

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  • Long Term Storable Food - More Info.

    For anyone who might have concerns about personal information getting out - please note:

    The info you send to me (name, address and phone number) will not go beyond myself. In fact, I could have just sent the food supplier the info and they would have paid shipping costs of your samples. Instead, to protect privacy, you send your info to me and at my cost I send them out. I have demanded the same level of privacy requirements of the food manufacturer, which is why they are creating a checkout basket page for ONLY us on their actual website.
    So, go ahead and contact me for your free sample, I'm actually requesting 2 samples per person, because many of us are married and it would be a good idea to cook one of the two samples up for the little lady, which would reinforce your decision to make a purchase at some point. Because A...you included her and B...she got to try it too.

    I elected to return most of what would have been a commission, so that the discount we get will be a True and Real discount. Actual savings that can be used for more food.
    My main goal is to help 'all of us here' (who participate) to get the food we need, food that is good enough to eat every day...which is something I can't say about MRE's.

    No Obligation to Buy:
    No one is obligated to buy anything, I have even dropped the 'must be a site supporter' requirement of previous food group buys. This is not about me or you, it's about us. I took a considerable amount of time and effort to make this happen for us. We all need food stuffs to fall back on, it is a disservice to yourself and your family to ever be caught dead looking into their hungry eyes and not be able to do anything about it. We are Men, and Real Men provide for their families!

    Perfected Prepping:
    I selected the online and the offline Contract Option - this means that WarRifles members, their friends, family and extended family can get in on this. In fact, you don't have to be a WarRifles member to get in on this food source. Simply go to the page being created for us, place your order, pay right there (on a secured connection) and then wait for FedEx, etc to drop off your goodies. The Delivery source (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc) will depend on your location. This is an excellent chance for everyone to Power Up and without any strings attached. I have taken the intense knowledge of all of our past food related group buys (which is almost 2 million in sales), looked at the good, the bad and indifferent elements and then perfected the final system, which is the one I have been describing. The main change being the No Middleman situation.

    Income Opportunity:
    The offline sales situation involves Product Catalogs with attached Order Forms, the WarRifles I.D. is already filled out on those order forms. People who purchase offline via the Product Catalogs will also Pay Direct and also receive their orders Direct from the manufacturer. You are not responsible for any money or the products delivery, all you do is hand out the Catalogs. For any members handing out Product Catalogs, you will be paid over and over again for any sales that result from you having done so. That payment will be in the form of a Finders Fee 'per product' ordered, so this could turn into something that can create a noticeable 'shift' in your personal finances! Start out with people you know, let me know who those people are (none of their info will be shared either), my asking for the information is so that any second, third or ongoing sales those people make will also be credited to you and you will be paid as many times as they order.

    Extra Order Forms are available upon request, I suggest that you give interested parties a second 'spare' order form, that way they can make a follow up order. You do not represent the company we are working with, you are representing the opportunity that WarRifles has created. You can then use your Finders Fee to further your personal prepping war chest, or anything else you feel like spending it on. That Finders Fee is coming out of what is left of the commission, the vast majority of which was surrendered for a better Real Savings Price. For some of the folks here (and believe me, I know what it's like), this Finders Fee along with the 'best price' angle can be the difference between being able to afford to Prep vs. not being able to afford to. Even for some of you guys who always seem to go to the dark side of the moon (being negative) have to admit this is a crazy good opportunity.

    There is zero reason for any and all active members not to be hammering out a private message to me, once you have read the above info!
    This is a perfect storm for us!
    No strings attached, no twisted arms, no regrets and 'as stated' there is even a way to make money while you
    expand and improve your own situation! Literally, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting in on this.

    * I am requesting that folks interested in passing out 'no cost to you' catalogs, also be or become Site Supporters.
    The reason is that a connection between myself and you should exist and there are costs 'on my end' to get you up and rolling with these Catalogs.
    Members who support this site will find me supporting them right back. Becoming a Site Supporter (of any rank level) is you showing me that you are serious.

    The new Long Term Food Storage section here at WarRifles is at the very top of the Main Forum Page.

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    There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.

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