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7.62 x 54R Nagant or 8mm Mauser bolt rifle?

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    I've owned and shot both but I like the Mauser best.


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      I have a 91/38 and an M44. I don't think my scrawny carcass is immune from recoil, not by any means, but my Krag hurts. The MNs do not. Cheap, yes. Fun, yes. Cheap ammo, yes. You can cache them for minimum cost, and loss is not particularly painful. What's not to like?


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        I like them both and own both, but if I were just going with one I'd pick whichever one was more prominent in my area, especially in regards to ammo.


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          Well when the question was asked over 2 years ago I would have said either. Now that cheep 8mm has dried up I would go with 7.62. While not cheep it is still cheeper then most.



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            8mm vs. 7.62X54R

            I own a number of both.

            If I had to chose one:

            The M38 Russian for a carbine or the 91/30 for a long rifle.

            Three 44s


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              If you can only get one

              get the less expensive (factor ammo cost). Otherwise, get both, tell us which you prefer and why.
              no woman, no problems.


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                I got a real nice 91/30 because that is what was cheap and available at the time. A friend of mine has a K98, it definitely looks and feels more like the kind of rifle you're apt to be familiar with. That said the Mosin is a sweet longarm if you get to know it and the design has a number of overlooked positive features.

                7.62x54r is still a current issue military round insuring more and newer surplus ammo and factory support for this caliber into the foreseeable future. It's the cheapest full power .30cal round going right now by a long shot and steel core ammo is commonly available.

                91/30's balance perfectly.

                The straight bolt handle allows you to set the front of the rifle on a rest and crank the bolt with your left hand, improving your rate of fire. In the event your bolt gets jammed shut it also makes it much easier to kick open than a bent bolt.

                The front sight hood can be used as a quick aiming reference in close as a few pigs on my property learned this year.

                The safety is odd but very positive. The magazine is a snap to unload and the stripper clips work if you get the real ones.

                You can take the whole rifle apart with two tools, the combination tool in the cleaning kit and the bayonet. Once you have it apart it is easy to see how to put it back together or even make your own replacement parts.

                Mosins are a breeze to accurize.


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                  I have the 7.62x54r and Finnish M39 Combo please...

                  I can get 880 rounds of good 7.62x54r for $150 or so and the Finnish M39 is one of the best Mosins made.


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                    I like the Mauser, why not everybody COPIED it and it's slicker than snot smooth.


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                      Get Both!

                      Get Both!

                      I have five russians and four 24/47's!

                      three 44s


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                        Originally posted by Three44s View Post
                        Get Both!

                        I have five russians and four 24/47's!

                        three 44s

                        Get both. They are cheap.


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                          As much as I appreciate the Mosin design and history the Mauser is much more pleasant to carry and shoot.


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                            I have both rifles from WW2. After shooting hundreds of rounds. I still come to the same conclusions that the 8mm is better. For the price just buy both that is what I did!


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                              OK, but for portability and not needing to duck and weave as much under/between tree limbs and house doorways, in and out of car trunks etc, the MN 44 seems like a superb value.
                              And with cheaper ammo, who would even consider shooting x rounds more often, or more rounds just as often as with Mauser ammo?
                              Go ahead, more Mauser fans will leave the rest for us.

                              Just an older plinker who only in Oct '07 became interested in guns.
                              Mini 14/30, SKS and two MN 44s. Lots of catching up to do.
                              Bravely protecting a small river from floating, insurgent grapefruits (no luck against two cottonmouths at sixty feet).


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                                Some better than average 80s man. yugo brass cased hvy ball(M75) has popped up aderiised as sniper ball.If the consistency can be believed and I have no reason to doubt wideners 196 gr fmjbt @ a bit over 2400 fps from a 24/47( just 20-30 fps max deviation)
                                Expensive @$315 per 900 and still possibly corrosive but it takes me some time to go through 900 rds in a bolt gun paticularly after bruising starts in just 20-30 rds.They also have some 50s yugo similar specs IIRC around $280/900 tin?.Yeah, darn expensive compared to a few yrs back but i dont think its gonna get better so if you do have a mauser...