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What's Your Favorite C&R Weapon Choice.

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  • What's Your Favorite C&R Weapon Choice.

    My favorite 2 C&R guns are the M1 Carbine and the Walther P-38. I also like the Garand, the Mausers, the Krag rifles, 1911's, the 1917 45acp Colt and S&W revolvers and then there is the Trapdoor Springfield in 45/70. I have one dated 1873 (full length rifle in great shape) and Man Law required me to go out and get a matching Colt 1873 model Single Action Army.
    Damn, what an expensive Hobby!

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    M1 Carbine: fun as anything to shoot, and makes an excellent home defense firearm, especially in the paratrooper configuration with 15 rd mag of 105 gr HP.

    03/A3: with match barrel, the go-to for hunting, and/or if I ever need to reach out and touch somebody long distance.

    Colt Army Model 1860: Fun as heck to shoot.


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      Mauser C96 aka 'Broomhandle" Mauser.
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        Yes... thank you all for sharing... I'll take one of each. I wish!
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          Krag, 1903 and 1917. The 1917 shoots better than the other rifles for me, but oooh that bolt is slick on the Krag.
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