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Spare parts replacement for the FAL weapons.

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  • Spare parts replacement for the FAL weapons.

    I've been asked to offer suggestions about spare parts to keep that Fal Up and running if in the future the need might arise due to whatever reason might come about for the spares needed for the FAL. Heres my thoughts on spare parts coming from shooting, owning and maintaining the Fal weapons platform for 40 years now.This includes semi-auto and full-auto Fals.

    Any type of spring you can think of in the FAL can evently wear out, I.E. gas piston spring, Rat tail plunger spring and detent,trigger spring, Hammer spring, outer/inner recoil return spring set,

    Bolt group, Extractor,extractor spring,extractor spring buffer,extractor plunger, firing pins and spring,retaining pins for firing pin for one piece firing pin, two piece firing pins with the extension as used in earlier metric and all inch pattern fals. Extractor removal tool which helps in removing and replacing the extractor easier without using an ice pick or punch in the field when simple tools aren't available. DSA sells these.

    Magazine springs, Most are already older than the owner of the weapon and do fail with age. Wolf springs with standard sizes and +5% sizes that have been reported to cure the problem for people that want to keep some mags loaded for the unusal occurance and future replacement. The +5% springs have been reported to also work in the metric thirty round straight mags and the thirty round inch pattern curved mags for inch lugged and modified inch thirty round mag that has the inch front mag lug modified for metric use in Fals.

    Cleaning that Fal, Alot of bore and chamber brushs are always great to have around for cleaning the barrel, gas block and barrel.
    Cleaners, I've always used shooters choice without a problem. For heavy or match grade cleaning to remove copper wash I've used Sweet's 7.62 bore cleaner for 28 years now.

    If anybody has some better ideas or thoughts PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO ADD INPUT.

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    Thanks for posting that man.


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      Front sight retaining screws...(on the L1A1s) are a must, so is a little something on them to "interrupt" the thread to lessen the chance they rattle out.

      Plus all those things listed by Roach ... ;)



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        Inch Pattern

        Ah, I see my mate from down under found one thing I forgot, Yes that little sight screw can vibrate out with time. Simple cure is loctite or clear finger nail polish from the wife or girl friend can cure that problem. Just a very little Dab only though like on one thread and watch which loctite you use, You DON'T want the one that glues it on permeantly.

        Thanks Andy, From Lee C.


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          Someone has to carry the load.... ;)


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            Locking lug in larger size, spare bolt and carrier, and maybe an extractor.


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              I see you already had the bolt, carrier and extractor. Sorry for the dupe.


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                Locking shoulder in a slightly larger size than the one currently in your Fal, so you can keep it headspaced nicely after you put a few thousand rounds through it.

                An extra ejector block. Not something I would have thought of before, but one of our rifles came back into the shop the other day with the ejector "arm" sheared off. Never saw that happen before, but since these parts are surplus, it could never hurt to have an extra one just in case.


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                  FAL Spares

                  Now if only someone would put together all those parts in a kit for my Para!
                  I don't think I have enough knowledge or enough spare time to get each and every part, and if I did delve into it I'm not sure I'd get it all correct.
                  Any one?