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DIY AR pistol without the recoil spring and housing?

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  • DIY AR pistol without the recoil spring and housing?

    I've wanted an AR pistol for years. Aside from money, what's kept me from building one is the fact that (to me) they look goofy with the return spring tube sticking out of the back of the receiver. I know, it's kind of stupid. But I've been looking for a way to make one without the dong like spring housing. When RRA came out with their piston driven AR pistol, I thought "finally!" But their pistols are pricy and I wanted to build my own. So I wrote to them and asked if they sold a kit, or if I could just buy the lower and piston assy. They replied "no" to both questions. You either buy their pistol, or you are stuck with the typical recoil spring AR pistol.

    So, my question is; Is anyone aware of a vendor or even an individual who can get, or make, a copy of RRA's piston driven AR lower + recoil system? Even a totally different version would be fine. I've even thought about measuring the spring tension and trying to make a shorter spring that still has the same amount of recoil force and fabricating a shortened spring housing. But I don't know how far the bolt travels into the spring housing on each shot, so that might not work.

    I figured I would ask here as the members are collectively, more knowledgeable than anywhere else I could think of.

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    I would like to build an AR .22lr blow back type without the buffer tube. But I can't find the parts or complete upper anywhere. All I can find is the conversion from the .223/5.65 upper.