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ALWAYS use the 5th...ALWAYS!!!

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  • ALWAYS use the 5th...ALWAYS!!!

    Never talk to the police. Never offer any information. Let the LEO's due they're job on they're own. TAKE THE FIFTH!!

    Heres a link to two videos about the use of the fifth amendment. The first one is by a law professor talking to law students on why and how.

    The second, is a LEO in the same class telling nearly every trick LEO's use to trick you into incriminating yourself....even if your not involved!!!
    Very informative and worth the time (about 20 min.)



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    Good info thanks!


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      Mums the word


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        say nothing to nobody!

        You should always take the 5th during ALL phone calls. Banks, creditors and others sometimes call to fish for information to fill in the complaint portion of the lawsuit they plan to file against you or to reset hidden statutes of limitations. My wife just happens to be a litigation attorney...

        That exact thing happened to me when a collection agency called me this summer. They claimed to be collecting owed state income tax (plus a 50% collection charge) for a tax year that started 9 months after I moved out of that state. They had very little information to give me and were trying to get me to fill in the blanks. We threatened to sue them for attempting to collect on an illegal debt. We then contacted the state and they dropped the collection action when they realized their error.

        Even IF you are "guilty as charged", say nothing! Don't even acknowledge the legitimacy of anything. "They" are always trying to trick the uninformed to trigger some binding response. One tactic I learned about is that creditors will send you a "thank you" for payment (that you did not actually make) on an outstanding debt trying to get you to "acknowledge" the legitimacy of the debt thereby resetting a key statute of limitations on collecting the debt.

        Thus, say nothing and, if asked, always say you are challenging their claims and demand their claim and supporting documentation to be sent to you in writing. Innocent or guilty, don't fall into their well rehearsed traps.


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          Thanks for that info. I didn't know about the financialend of this. Makes perfect sense!


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            Woman client: My son is in state prison and he is innocent.

            Me: Ok, tell me the story.

            Woman client: tells story

            Me: So as I understand it, your son was the other person there, he was convicted of murder based solely upon his statement to the police and has 6 more years to go. He wanted to tell "the truth", right?

            Woman client: That's right.

            Me: He wouldn't be in state prison if he hadn't made a statement to the police, right?

            Woman client: That is right.

            Some well intentioned fools propose that you tell police "I was in fear of my life". Yeah right. The next questions are:

            1. why were you in fear of your life;
            2. where were you going when you were in fear of your life;
            3. when did you arrive at the bank.
            4. why were you carrying a concealed weapon into the bank;
            5. were you prepared to kill anybody in the bank if you felt threatened yatta yatta

            You are a fool when you think that you can outfox a 10 year detective or that you will go home sooner from the station house by telling "the truth". Keep doing it though, it keeps me employed.
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              Say nothing,do not provide a statement/bodily fluids-DNA w/o court order.Believe NOTHING you are told by police at any time.No lawyer no interview,not under arrest your leaving the interview,if held you want a lawyer and dont allow mind games; allowing you to sit and wonder should I talk to the police before its to late and they put me in jail.If they can they will put you in jail regardles all you can do by speaking is to help the police keep/put you there.Watch some of those police Homocide shows such as "48 hours" as often as not its not evidence but confessions that convict the suspect and these shows provide great insight into how the best police inerviewers manipulate suspects who do not use thier rights.These Men and Women are all well trained profesionals whose job is to obtain convictions.If you have nothing to hide you'll talk to police,BS,If your being interviewed in connection to a crime you must be quiet and ask for
              a lawyer If under arrest ,if notunder arrest get up and leave.Same if your confroned by a knock on the door, Politely you have nothing to say, thank them for thi9er time and close door.Interview at station? Have nothing to say,thats the only thing you can say enough other than I want a lawyer.


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                I watched both videos and then followed the link to yet another YouTube vid called Busted, which is produced by www.flexyourrights.org. I think everyone should see this, so I am going to stick this posting.
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                  That whole website has lots of info. It started out to warn Connecticut residents about the corruption in our state and colusion between the State police and the judicial branch and the legislative. I hope it helps others on this site and those you tell about it!



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                    I have a question or two on this subject.

                    About 2 months ago, a friend of mine committed a crime (type is irrelevant) and when he was arrested, he was with me. Now, i didn't know about the crime at the time so I didn't know he was going to be arrested. When the officers arrested him, they asked me to go with them to talk to their detectives. I asked the officer if i was under arrest, and he said no. So I asked if I legally had to go with him, and he dodged the question by saying that if i refused to cooperate, he would arrest me, and then i would spend an even longer time at the station.

                    So.... the question is: a.) did I legally have to go with the officer to the station, the way he dodged the question makes me think i didn't. b.) is there any grounds for arresting me because i don't want to go to the station? I did tell him id gladly give a statement here, but I don't have the time to go the station, as I had work in a couple hours.

                    In that situation, what is best? I didn't(still don't) know enough about law or LE process to argue with him, so I went anyway. They questioned me for 45 min, and then released me. Was a major inconvenience.


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                      Personally, and I've done this once, I would have turned around and placed my hands behind my back and told him to place the cuffs on me and arrest me....and that I immediately assert my 5th Amendment rights. If he's going to arrest you anyway, then he will do it then. If he isn't going to arrest you, he will start posturing and asking you questions like, "if you are innocent, then why won't you talk to me", and "why do you think you need a lawyer?". In my situation, he contacted his supervisor and in about 2 minutes, in an irritated voice, told me to leave.

                      Challenge them, politely, professionally, to put up or shut up. If you are going to be arrested anyway, you have nothing to lose.



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                        If it was me, I would have asked a bit more forcefully and said if your not arresting me I'm leaving and walked off. If they detained you without probable cause (and you being with him might be) you have recourse with a suit that they would settle out of court for a few bucks. Just make sure they don't search the car and find something they could charge both of you with!



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                          I want a Lawyer. If I am not under arrest please let me go.

                          The only way to "beat" the police is by not playing. DNA has freed alot of people who confessed and were innocent.

                          Why end up in their now vacant cell by talking? Talking never helps and usually hurts. If you don't talk the police have more trouble testilying about what you said.


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                            Well, I only went peacefully because I had work in a few hours, and I knew one call to my boss would get him + 4 workers and the 2 clients to vouch for me that I was indeed on the job. But I'm still curious if just refusing to with them to the station is a violation of the law.

                            I figured if I could give them my side without incident I would be released quickly, which I was. Normally that wouldn't be the case, but i didn't want to go through the whole arresting process, as my boss would be a little annoyed at my absence.


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                              Originally posted by Momentary Lapse Of Reason View Post
                              But I'm still curious if just refusing to (go) with them to the station is a violation of the law.
                              No, but many are quite good at making you feel like it is.