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War in Iraq a massive failure?

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  • War in Iraq a massive failure?

    Gleaned off of my favorite conservative blog:

    Seth MacFarlane, creator of the the Fox animated series Family Guy, recently appeared before a crowd at California's Stanford University. The following is an excerpt from the Stanford Daily:

    Facing questions from attendees asking him to reenact voices of popular characters, look at their prospective scripts or hire them as summer interns, [Seth] MacFarlane displayed his comedic wit when asked by a fan simply to insult him.

    “You want me to insult you?” MacFarlane quipped. “OK, you supported the war in Iraq,” he said to raucous applause.

    Hmmmm....does Mr. MacFarlane have manatees writing his insults as well?

    His lame attempt to appease a hard left audience aside, we here at TDL nonetheless feel the need to rebut Mr. MacFarlane's ignorant defeatism with cold hard fact.

    Question: Is one who supported the Iraq War misguided to the point of being funny?

    Answer: The Iraq War is not only not a disaster, but is in fact one of the least dangerous and most effective major military operation in human history.

    Fact: As of today, the USA has lost 2,389 Killed in Action since the start of the Iraq War in 2003. That is an average of 800 soldiers per year.

    Fact: 43,200 Americans were killed in Auto Accidents in 2005. 42,636 Americans were killed in Auto Crashes in 2004. Roughly 129,000 Americans have been killed in Auto Accidents since the start of the Iraq War. There are 120,000 American troops stationed in Iraq today.

    Fact: Every year, around 1,600 Americans die from falling down stairs or steps. Since the start of the war in Iraq, roughly 4,800 Americans have been killed by staircases.

    Fact: Every year, around 3,500 Americans drown. Roughly 1,000 of these deaths occur in swimming pools and bath tubs. 3,000 Americans have died as a result of drowning in a pool, jacuzzi, or bathtub since Iraq was invaded in 2003.

    Fact: Around 1,200 Americans die of exposure to excessive heat or cold each year.

    Fact: Roughly 17,500 Americans die of accidental poisoning each year. 52,500 Americans have accidentally been poisoned to death since April, 2003.

    Now then, let's look at some of history's greatest generals and military operations:

    Fact: In perhaps his most complete victory of the U.S. Civil War, General Robert E. Lee lost 1,260 men killed or missing over a 4 day period at the battle of Fredricksburg.

    Fact: Napoleon lost 1,288 men killed in action during one day at Austerlitz. Austerlitz is widely regarded by military historians as Napoleon's most brilliant victory.

    Fact: In perhaps the greatest military victory of all time, Alexander the Great lost 800 men in one day at the Battle of Issus in 333 B.C.

    Fact: In what might also be considered the most briliant victory of all time, Hannibal lost 16,700 men killed in action in a single afternoon at Cannae in 216 BC.

    Fact: At the battle of Pharsalus on August 9, 49 B.C., Julius Caesar defeated Pompey to become master of the known world. He lost around 1,200 men killed in action.

    Fact: In 1940, the Nazis swept through France and conquered the entire nation in little more than a month. The Germans lost 27,000 men killed in action and another 18,000 missing.

    Fact: In 1945, the Russians subdued Berlin to defeat Nazi Germany. In less than one month, Russia suffered 81,000 men killed in action.

    CONCLUSION: The notion that the war in Iraq is a military disaster is utterly laughable. It is unsupported in any sort of objective reality, and anyone who holds such an opinion betrays an ignorance that can only have been fueled by media sensationalism.

    The facts are quite clear: roughly 53 times the amount of people killed in Iraq per year are killed by auto crashes. Twice the amount of people are killed falling down stairs. More people drown in thier bathtubs than we lose in Iraq per year!

    Furthermore, I have named 7 of the greatest military operations in world history and each has had a much higher death rate than that of the Iraq war. The one with the least amount of deaths- Alexander the Great's history altering victory over the Persians at Issus- featured the same amount of Macedonians killed in one afternoon than Americans are killed in Iraq in an entire year (and in all likelyhood, the Macedonians lost many more than 800 men that day although the historical record is hazy).

    Clearly the war in Iraq is a marvel of modern American technology, military prowess, and medical knowhow. We have subdued and held a hostile muslim nation of 22 million for 3 years on the other side of the world with a force 183 times smaller (all while maintaining a large military presence in South Korea, Europe, and in North America). Saddam required an army of 1 million to hold Iraq. Iran suffered nearly 1 million casualties trying to defeat Iraq.

    So this question begs to be asked: Why are we so down about the Iraq war? It would be hard to imagine it going any better. Iraq is Islam's last hope. If Iraq cannot handle democracy, we will know for certain that Muslims are incapable of democracy and our stance must change from one of assistance to one of confrontation. The future of a billion people is riding on Iraq and our media has misled the public into beleiving one of world history's greatest military operations is a failure and a disaster.

    America desperately needs perspective.
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    Swamp, that was some good stuff. I try to tell people that everyday, but everyone refuses to believe me, "for CNN never lies".


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      I like that, thank you.


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        I know you followed some of the commentary between myself and grndpndr about the REALITY of what is happening in Iraq, compared to what is being reported. It seems as if the historical perspective of armed conflict has been replaced by perpetual reporting of only bad news by a media that has a very clearly defined agenda.

        It's very interesting that the New York Times of post WWII wrote article after article about how the US was losing the peace in Germany, Communism was a more efficient system, Germans hate the US and wanted to go back to NAZI rule, etc.

        The media was proven wrong then. They will be proven wrong again.

        What has changed in this country since WWII is:

        1. Peoples lack of historical knowledge and perspective.
        2. An irrational expectation that wars can be fought without casualties.
        3. An irrational expectation that a nation can be built "instantly."
        4. An irrational assumption that the inevitable problems and setbacks that will occur are the cause of "poor planning" instead of the natural course of events when trying to solve a complex problem.

        Makes me shake my head in disgust...


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          +1 OccomsRazor


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            People will believe a lie before the truth if it sound good, that is human nature. They expect miracles to happen over night without anything going wrong. When things do happen they find someone else to blame but the ones that are responsible.
            I personally don't like the thought of war, but I understand why we are there and what we are fighting for, and for that, all the troops over there have my respect, and will be in my thought and prayer to come home safe and sound, hopefully soon.
            Never will I belive this was a failure on our part never. I will never say my cousin died because of a failure he died defending the rights of the idiots who call him one.


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              I totally agree! +1


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                Double for me +2!


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                  I'll have all the perspective I could ever want in a couple of months...:make my d


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                    Originally posted by OCCOMSRAZOR
                    Double for me +2!
                    Make that +3!




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                      LRRP, You and the Major need to remember as you go over there, that our thoughts and prayers are with you. Come back and we can all sit around while you regale us with the stories of your accomplishments while there.
                      And if you manage to find a wire over there that seems to be running our direction hook it up to a PC and send us an update...


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                        Excellent post, thank you for the perspective.



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                          I participated in the Invasion of Iraq 3 years ago.

                          Trust me, it was NO failure.....anyone who says that, to my face, either was not there, or is a sorry SOB. They will promptly get a fist to the face and will then eat dirt, concrete, sand, or rocks in about 1 second (the time it takes to fall to the ground).


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                            I wil agree the invasion was near perfection,any resistance quickly obliterated
                            and a real education,along with the first gulf war of what the US military is capable of to the rest of the world.Now if the administration would finish the job by destroyin irans capability to eventiually build the bomb preferably with air strikes that escalated if the Iranians began terrorist operations.First the capability to build the bomb eliminated,threats of terrorism oractual terrorism increase the pain exponentially until they are living by the light of a camel dung fire eating goat.PS I am not against the goals in iraq,I applaud them,its the method I have problems with.Maybe what I propose or feel needs done is politically incorrect but this is one of the most dangerous time since ww2
                            and our national survival is at risk,to hell with political correctness lets get it done instead of staying on and on.AKA hardball.PS;51,ooo KIA MIA and wounded in 2 days at gettysburg but these were brave men like our boys in Iraq and IMHO cannot be compared to some drunk driver etc.who killed himself and likely others for absolutely nothing unlike our soldiers who died for the country.Apples and oranges.


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                              Originally posted by grndpndr
                              PS;51,ooo KIA MIA and wounded in 2 days at gettysburg but these were brave men like our boys in Iraq and IMHO cannot be compared to some drunk driver etc.who killed himself and likely others for absolutely nothing unlike our soldiers who died for the country.Apples and oranges.
                              You're missing the point. The closet marxists' argue that the War in Iraq is a lost cause, that it's a failure, and they are dying for nothing. Forget that some of those deaths were blue-on-blue deaths, or accidental.

                              Compare that to someone killed in an auto accident by a drunk driver. For what reason did they die? What about someone who kills a family because they were talking on their phone? So why aren't mass protests being held calling for more harsh penalties for DUIs? And a hands free cell phone enforcement while operating a vehicle?

                              In short, the point is that if the soldiers being killed in Iraq are dying for nothing, why isn't there mass outcry for those other non-combat deaths mentioned.
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