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CNN panel devolves into chaos after guest claims African-Americans commit more crimes

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  • CNN panel devolves into chaos after guest claims African-Americans commit more crimes

    Facts are racist?


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    There is an undeniable "Predisposition to Violence & Criminality" in the Culture, Social Norms and Family Values of Black Americans! The FBI Crime Statistics are very clear about this for decades! Roughly a 90% to 10% Black on White Crime versus White on Black Crime.
    "Diversity is the Agent of Contamination!"

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      It never occurs to the lefty Democrat types that maybe - just maybe - the reason that 87% of America's prison population is negro is due to the fact that NEGROES COMMIT 87% OF THE CRIME IN AMERICA.

      No, no, that can't be it - it HAS to be that "America is a racist nation," "the criminal justice system is controlled by bigoted white people," "blacks are unjustly prosecuted and convicted by the trainload," etc.

      The reality of the situation does not serve the advancement of the fascist socialist political agenda in America; hence the fascist left makes up its own false narrative - otherwise known as BALDFACED LIES - to promote their political agenda.

      The next slack jawed lefty sh@tbird that starts singing and dancing about supposed "white privilege" within arm's reach of me is liable to either get projectile vomited on or knocked into next month, I can't tell which.

      I am SO sick of hearing that bovine feces...
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