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Remembersing Indian Activist Russell Means.

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  • Remembersing Indian Activist Russell Means.

    Father, Activist, Actor, Lecturer and Friend.
    He died on the 22nd of October, but we are just now slowed down enough to post this excellent video interview about how we are all on the Government Reservation.

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    I believe Russell Means and AIM were purposefully smeared by the propagandizing MSM media of the 70s to make him and his men look like extremists. In effect, they were defending their rights... with guns. No surprise that both D and R obfuscated the purpose of the siege at Wounded Knee , it worked to their advantage at the time.

    I always liked Russell Means, I didn't always agree with him but that's ok. When the siege at Wounded Knee occurred I did not fully understand what was going on... 70s MSM blurring my brain. It wasn't until years later that I read up on what was really going on.


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      That was a really good interview. Seems like a good guy, sorry I didn't get familiar with him till he passed on. Condolences to his family.


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        + 1 on that bro. Being raised in eastrn ok, Im down with native america. We really all r on the GOV farm.
        What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. NIETZSCHE


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          I watched the entire video.

          Thanks for the eye opener Joe...my sincere condolences to you and yours...and to a man who was and is still here.

          Fwiw...i enjoyed his later remarks about natural law and all of our relationships to the land.I always believed that MAN makes the world complicated and that our creator was beautifully simplistic in his creation of this world that we live in.

          The humility of a sunrise should be enough for us all to stay in check.

          Thank you for sharing and for teaching.


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            This hits close to home.

            I watched Nixon's resignation on TV while in the Black Hills. To say that the atmosphere was tense would be an understatement, even a year after the Wounded Knee situation.

            I wish I knew more then about Russell. Since then I have learned what is a lot closer to the truth than what a naive eastern boy from out of town was lead to believe back then.

            Knew more about Russell? Heck, he seems like a hell of a man to have gotten to know. Sad to see him go.

            Moral if there is one: be careful what you believe if your only source is filtered by others who have nefarious purposes. I developed strong opinions about these things at the time due to what was being fed the public, and what a white boy from out of town was 'allowed' to see & hear...and have found since that for the most part I was wrong.

            Thank you very much for sharing this.

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              I didn't know that.....that is sad.

              Last of the Mohicans (1992) is one of my all-time favorite movies.

              I suppose he has now joined the Great Spirit and taken his place around the council fire.


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                I agree Bren, Last of the Mohicans is one of my all time favorite movies. And Russell Means played the best part.


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                  He was bad-azz:


                  You do NOT kill the son of the last of the Mohican people and get away with it.....you get whacked with a gun-stock club.

                  BTW: the theme song is based upon The Gail, a Scottish war-theme.


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                    Sorry to hear of Russells passing. I was quite a bit younger then, but I remember how Russell Means and Dennis Banks were maligned by the "press" and the fibbers.
                    Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? - Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775


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                      The Pine Ridge Reservation is a poverty stricken place, even their small casino is not doing well. Russell did his best and not just for the Lakota, but all active tribes, mine being that of Shawanoe.
                      We were originally pushed out of Kansas rather violently into the Kentucky area.
                      They killed the buffalo to starve Indian Peoples out, push them into compacted areas and watch us fade away.
                      Now in modern times all of us are the New Indian and the Elites attack on modern Coal Power is yet another version of the Buffalo slaughter and has the same ends.
                      What is that end? Your poverty and their subsequent control over you, just like they did us.
                      The Indian Reservation system is the template for the Nazi & Russian Death Camps plus the South African Apartheid System, that's verified so look it up.
                      Now, since we are all the New Indian, we must forget the past and join or Die!

                      Anyone wanting to watch Last of the Mohicans can see the full movie below.



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                        He was a good guy, sorry to see him go.
                        I remember the 1970's wounded knee standoff, watched it on t.v. as a kid.
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