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They didn't even have time to piss themselves...

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  • They didn't even have time to piss themselves...

    What a dreadful feeling it must be to have just enough time to see what's about to happen, but not enough time to even s**t yourself...

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    Damn, fine one minute and screwed, blued and tattooed the next.

    By The Way:
    This explosion was back in 2012 and killed 26 and injured 46.
    This was the Government owned Pemex Gas plant in Reynosa, Mexico, bordering the United States. They have had 2 more huge explosions since, both of which killed even more people.
    I think part of the issue is that the drug cartels have been illegally taping in all along the fuel lines and stealing gas/oil. Their tap-ons have been poorly executed and poorly repaired.
    Sometimes they bore in right next to a spot that has just been repaired, meaning that any given length of fuel line may have dozens of illegal and leaky taps.
    Reportedly, the cartels now make more money stealing gas and oil than they do from drugs, at least that was the case prior to plummeting fuel prices.

    Here is a good VICE report video that I watched on this very subject about 8 months ago.

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      It appears to me that the source of ignition must have been fairly close to the source of the leak. there must have been a large amount of vapor and fuel close to the ignition point, so much so that the initial ignition turned black due to too much fuel. But when the flame front progressed to the outer parts of the cloud, it encountered a much more favorable mixture ratio and then the burning turned bright.

      Too bad though, the concussion and destruction must have been terrible.


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        I retired from being a refinery operator and I can remember being on a fire monitor one night blasting water on a butane sphere to knock down a butane cloud from when a pressure relief valve popped open releasing butane to the atmosphere. To say it was tense is an understatement. On a scale from 1 to 10 your pucker factor is about a 356! People bitch about gas prices but they have no idea what refinery operators have to do sometimes to put gas in your tank. I've bitched about too.