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MREdepot = Damaged Cans & Low Grade Food.

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  • FOUR years later I contact this guy, he says he's been thinking about us lately (no doubt due to the Gabillion Dollars worth of food we all bought from him over many groups buys hosted here) BUT he just doesn't seem to remember promised/owed funds that there is no proof he ever sent. Because he Never Did!

    I'm interested in seeing how long he takes to get back to me on this, as it would be nice to have what is owed paid, finally. He also only recalls a few folks coming to him for a refund or replacement, but it's obvious by reading this thread that many chucked it up to experience and moved on, with quite a few effected by his shipping of damaged and low grade food items back in 2008/9.

    Therefore, unless something changes, my feelings about this guy have not changed. We'll see what happens!
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    • Originally posted by concerninged View Post
      Well it could be taken with a grain of salt as it seems pretty clear he is a liar and a thief.
      Sounds like it.

      This guy needs to step up and make things right with everyone he has sold defective product to and/or owes money to. Not doing so could prove to be harmful to his financial related business health.
      Once SHTF, some of the people he has dirty-d***ed may come-a-callin' to balance the books.

      Karma can be kind, or it can be a real bitch; it's all up to each of us which it turns out to be for us.
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      • thx won't be ordering from there as planned...
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        • At this point it doesn't matter if he does make good on the past. Nobody can trust him. MREDepot is forever on my blacklist.
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          • I don't remember these MRE depots guys and will make sure to avoid them now.
            However, I am looking for other long term food options now that the Later Day Saints (Mormons) food bank program shut down 2 of their 3 locations last year. You don't have to be a Mormon to buy from them, at least not when they had 3 outlets, but I suspect that is no longer the case with greatly reduced volume and 2/3rd of their locations closed. I used to get some really good stuff from them, but probably not any longer, especially since I'm not a Church member of LDS.