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MREdepot = Damaged Cans & Low Grade Food.

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  • MREdepot = Damaged Cans & Low Grade Food.

    I ordered a lot of canned food from MRE depot over the past few group buys because I was seriously lacking in my food preps. Just recently I finished an addition to our house. In doing so, I had the contractor figure in a nice 8x12 walk-in closet with good solid shelving. My food prep storage area. This way I could move the cases out of our spare bedroom out of plain sight.

    As I opened the cases to stack the cans on the shelf, I noticed a disturbing trend. It seemed like can after can of the Yoder's beef chunks were dented. Some not so bad, but some were dented so bad that the rims were actually touching the side of the cans.

    After I was through stacking the cans, I realized that a full 76% of the Yoder's beef chunks cans were dented to the point that I am unsure whether or not they'll be safe for long term storage. I am fairly certain that I'll have to go ahead and eat these before they go bad.

    What has me confused is that the boxes themselves are in perfect condition. Steve really packed these cans well and I never had any reason to believe that the cans could be damaged.

    I'm pretty disappointed and upset because this defeats the whole purpose of purchasing these for long term preps when I have to eat them so soon. I spent several hundred dollars on the beef chunks alone.

    Now I'm concerned that the cans I bought were "scratch and dent" returns that could not be sold elsewhere. Having worked at Food World in Birmingham back when I was in school I am aware that any damaged canned goods are returned by the retailer to the distributor for credit. The distributor must replace the bad with the good and then either sell or dispose of the damaged cans.

    I tried calling to talk to Steve about this, but his mailbox has been full for the past two days in a row.

    The cans of bacon for the most part were ok, but still had quite a few dented to the point of being unfit for storage.

    Sorry about the rant, just had to vent a little. Has anyone else run into the same problem?
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    For Me....

    I have to tell ya I have only gotten first rate quality products & items from MRE Depot or from the Group buys.

    I use the items I buy from them. Everything from the bacon, canned meats, cheese, butter and MRE's. 1st rate quality.

    If you have any concerns I think you should contact Steve and ask his opinion.
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      I've done a number of deals with Steve (thousands of dollars) and he's always provided perfect product or made it right.

      Steve is running ragged with his regular distribution channels and sometimes takes up to a week to respond to our 'little' issues.

      Give him time, he'll take care of you.


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        During several various Group Buys; I received several cases of canned Sausage, Beef and Hamburger. Of the 6 cases 2 of them were in fact very badly dented, 2 cases were fine, the rest had smaller dents and rim damage. I called Steve and he did replace the worst 2 cases.
        However, some of even those cans sent as a replacement - were also dented.

        I have since only ordered the smaller, lighter (less vulnerable to drop damage) cans of items such as Bacon (only a few dented cans), Cheese (none were dented), Butter (none were dented.)

        While I was not consulted prior to this being posted, I will allow it, since I had a similar situation, which of course would imply it as being valid. I have received PM's in the past from other members about this same issue, I told them to contact Steve, but never heard back on if it was resolved. I have also made suggestions to Steve on this subject, since everyone knows the stuff I ship personally is virtually Bullet Proof.

        I do know that when I went to donate the 2 replaced cases, Christian Ministries accepted them, but were also disappointed in the condition of the donation. I've been trying to reach Steve for weeks, so don't expect an immediate response. I'm pretty sure this Walmart gig is his most important chore currently. In fact, my guess is he will focus entirely on Walmart and that is what I have been trying to clarify. He's just not big enough to take care of us and them.

        If anyone else has unopened cases, open and check them, then let me know if you also encounter this problem.
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          My shipment comes as boxes repackaged in another box, I don't think Steve is packing the original cases, and I had to quit purchaseing direct from Wurling meats for the same reason. I prefer Keystone Meats to everyone, but when the shipping is good I go with Steve.
          I skipped the last group buys on Yoders, but did purchase 2 cases of Grandma Wurlings Beef Chunks in Gravey from Steve using WF discount. The shipping was 2 days from order to sitting on my door step in a plain brown box which is great. No damaged cans in this shipment.


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            I got three cases (2 beef / 1 chucken) and put them in storage right away...

            Went to look at them after I read this and realized the following:

            1 Case completely fine (beef)
            1 Case 7/12 ok, rest had small and large dents
            1 Case chicken 3/4 had dents...

            So 13 of 36 cans were dented - about half smaller dent, the rest badly dented..

            If I was at grocery store, I would not have bought ANY of those cans. If I wanted stuff to eat the next year, I'd gone to Costco, but the WHOLE purpose of this GB was store and forget...

            So, I must admit I'm dissapointed too...

            There's no way these dents happened DURING shipping (and I am NOT saying that Steven sent these willingly) but somewhere some QC got missing.

            edit: Does anyone know the recommendations regarding how long would a dented can be ok to eat?


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              It always is a good idea to open the stuff and inspect it. The few times I don't do that I always end up regretting it

              I had some dented corroded cans at one point, and emailed Steve and he took care of it to more than my satisfaction, though it took him a while due to him being unable to clone himself to handle his current load.

              I wonder if stuff is happening at the canning plant and they are trying to hide it from the brass at MREDepot. I remember last year there were some issues with the supplier for Menu C stuff and Steve had to work hard to get them straightened out, but it took time.


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                I'm glad this came up now, because I haven't really checked anything from the last few group buys. All the outside boxes have arrived in perfect condition, so I never even though about it. I guess I'll take my knife and some duct tape and have a go at it.
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                  Originally posted by ArmedSkeptic View Post
                  I wonder if stuff is happening at the canning plant and they are trying to hide it from the brass at MREDepot. I remember last year there were some issues with the supplier for Menu C stuff and Steve had to work hard to get them straightened out, but it took time.
                  That is what I am wondering too. All the cases I have gotten from him have been factory sealed. So I can only imagine that this is occuring at the factory.

                  I have purchased alot of stuff from Steve even before he came here. If I had any issues with a product he took care of it.
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                    I totally agree that it must be an issue at the manufacturing plant...

                    I emailed Steve, so we'll see how it goes. I hate to bug him as it very possibly is not at all his fault, but the manufacturers... He's providing some awesome group buys and I'd hate him stop doing that...


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                      My take on this is that it does not matter who's fault it is, the person shipping it to us should be double checking outgoing product. A dented can is a dented can, no matter who dropped the ball.
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                        I've always gotten excellent service and packaging with no damaged cans until recently but it happened because of UPS. The outside box had a hole in it and was left under the carport. I opened the box up and assumed since the product is double boxed that it was probably okay, but 5 of the cans of 8 ounce size butter had dents in the cans and the inside box was busted, so that wasn't Steve's fault. I contacted UPS and told them what happened and they were to contact Steve. I told them it wasn't Steve's fault but the fault of UPS since I had two separate packages shipped from him on the same date and the damaged one had gotten sent to the wrong place by UPS (they notified me of the error) and I received it the following day. I just counted it as a loss since UPS hasn't done anything after all this time and besides they wanted me to leave the box like it was for 5 days so they could send somebody by to check it. They never came to check it so the contents have already been put away.

                        One other incident months ago was with the canned bread and the cans were dented and rust on some, but I never said anything since I didn't notice it til a few weeks afterwards when taking some of the cans out to give away. I figure Steve is too busy and it's rather hard to contact him at times, besides overall I'm very pleased with his products, prices, and service. I would like to get replacement for the bread if possible but won't make a stink about it but I do think Steve needs to be aware of these recent problems.


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                          For those who have posted or PMed me with questions:

                          We are not playing the Blame Game here, in the end it doesn't matter who is at fault or who failed to check shipments, both sent and received -- the Bottom Line question is simple and important:

                          Do You Have Rusted or Dented Cans that Need to be Replaced??

                          Yes OR No?
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                            Yes, I have nearly 1 dozen dented cans in just two cases. I'll check the rest for a final tally of what needs replacing.


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                              So, as I'm not a canning expert, can someone tell me what this means if cans are dented? Does that mean they're not sealed? Won't last as long as they should?

                              What I'm worried about, is that anything I list below where I say "serious", it's because it's right around or on the lip. I can see how that would make the seal less than ideal. Am I right?

                              Most of the cans that are dented were in the middle of the case, so they probably weren't dented due to shipping.

                              I just looked at my recent orders:

                              Out of my case of bacon:
                              --- 1 can minor dent in the middle of the can
                              --- 1 can seriously dented around the lip

                              Out of one case of Yoder's Variety Meats:
                              --- 1 can Pork Sausage seriously dented around lip
                              --- 1 can Pork Chunks seriously dented around lip
                              --- 1 can Chicken Chunks seriously dented around lip
                              --- 2 cans with minor dents on the sides

                              Out of another case of Yoder's Variety Meats:
                              --- 2 cans Turkey Chunks Seriously Dented around lip
                              --- 2 cans Chicken Chunks seriously dented around lip
                              --- 1 can Pork Sausage seriously dented around lip

                              That means almost half of everything I got in is dented.
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