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WTA, Why Were My Rifles Return Shipped To Me like This ???

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  • WTA, Why Were My Rifles Return Shipped To Me like This ???

    When I shipped you my rifles everything was protected and sound.

    Why would you send 3K worth of rifles back like this to get beat up against each other during shipping ?? I would have paid extra for the bubble wrapping..........

    Thank you for your time,

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    Damn, that is just awful. I'll wait till Dan makes an official comment before I get involved, this will be made right.
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      I have no idea how that happened. They were seperated good and the case was tight on them and it didn't seem like they would move. It was also taped up on the outside like it was when it was shipped to me and zip ties were on the lock holes. We shipped it securely.
      I did insure it if they were damaged though. Did you tell the shipper?

      I am sorry if anything was damaged but I can't be responsible if the shipper is negligent. They were packed tight and unless they threw it 50 feet off a plane I can't see how it got shifted like that.

      I really recommend telling fedex before you move anything and filing a claim. We would be happy to help any way we can. including repairing that stok if it is fixable.

      We've shipped a lot of rifles and haven't seen one that got tossed like that yet. The shipping companies are responsible for it though.

      Thanks for posting this here like you did instead of calling me.
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        Shipping in Cheap gun cases

        Aahhyes68 You went out and bought a 20.00 dollar range case that is only rated for 14 pounds max and you shipped at least 21 pounds of weapons in the two weapons that Dan did work for.That case isn't rated for shipping. I know I have one too, But wouldn't ever use it to ship guns in like that.But in the same instance DSS should have realized that and at least bubble wrapped both guns seperately so they didn't collide into each other and that would have never happen in the first place.So your both are at fault.As to the shipper, It's most apprarent niether one of you have ever seen how a freight company like Ups,Fed-Ex or Dhl load and unload a freight trailer.Also,Aahhyes68 should have called or E-mailed Dss first before bringing the problem here to the forum because most gunsmiths and weapons companies aren't as big as some people might assume and worst thing's have been known to happen.


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          My wife has been out of town most of this week but is due home today. If you can call this afternoon after 4 pm we can get the claims process rolling on it and get these rifles taken care of. I am a really small business. It's only the two of us here so I can't afford this but If I have to replace the stocks and that is what it takes to make you happy I will. Just let me know. I'm willing to do what it takes on my end but you need to call us.
          We had planned to ship your other stock back seperately after Cindi got home. I have a good box for it that my McMillans come in. It doesn't get much more secure than that. If you like I can send two boxes your way and you can mail both stocks back for me to either fix or replace. I know you are mad so I'll make it my first priority. I need to hear from you in order to get the ball rolling on the claim with fedex and so I know how you want to proceed here. I really want to make these rifles perfect for you and I know it's been a long time since you sent them. You shuldn't be without them much more.
          Call this afternoon ok and we'll get this underway.

          I changed our shipping policy about a month ago BTW, after a rifle I bought was destroyed in shipment to us. It was packed in a similar plastic case. Gun was tightly wrapped in bubble wrap and the whole case was inside a thickly padded cardboard box. We no longer use plastic cases any more at all unless it is a pelican and we found a source for real good cardboard boxes that are secure enough for shipping. I guess the others that have sent me gun cases like yours will not be getting their back in those cases now. I'll be shipping them back in pelicans or in the tough cardboard boxes.

          Please look at our shipping page everyone and if you see anything else I should make changes in to prevent this ever happening again let me know.



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            Right answer !


            Great second reply with the shipping problem - you obviously lost sleep over it. Fix it to his satisfaction, review your packaging/shipping policy and get back to work, that is good business and that is what makes these forums great - Everyone is now aware of the hazards of not packaging items really well - not just you and one customer.

            Scott R.


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              I was so mad last night I didn't get any sleep at all. I'm really fed up with fedex right now. I spent most of the night in the shop though working on fitting some pelican cases to various rifles. I hope this makes a difference. We have learned the hard way about shipping things though. I know I'm not the only one.

              It's not all his fault though. When he shipped them to me they were in a lot of small peices. I put the rifles together and shipped them back whole. I should have known better than use that case like I said.

              There are a couple members of this forum who's rifles were scheduled to ship out on monday. Sorry but that is delayed. I hope I can trust people enough to do this but I am ordering in as many pelicans as I can afford and using them to ship guns from now on. If you don't want to keep the case then ship it back to me at your expense. It will be a small price to pay for the security of it I think and I am not making a dime off of it. If you do want to keep them then we will only charge our dealer cost and not a penny more. It's gonna delay a few shipments this week and I'm sorry for that but I'm not going through this ever again. I know ahhyes68 probably doesn't believe it but I am as sick as he is over what happened. These rifles are my passion and it really turns my stomach seeing them hurt.

              Last night I fitted up two pelicans for M-14 standard stocks and one for a sniper style stock like this one. I also did one for a M-1 Garand and a M1917. I'm doing the different McMillans and the JAE100 styles as soon as I get more cases in.

              Hey Klaus, I know you are coming here to get your rifle but do you want a pelican fitted to it for the trip home? They are about 168 or something like that dealer cost. I won't charge for the fitting or anything either.


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                My VW dealer should learn from Dan. They have no idea about customer service which caused me two lost days trying to get the problem worked out.

                But I agree an email would have been inorder before posting.


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                  I would have to defend that VW dealer too. More mechanics commit suicide over them things than any other brand of car there is. They are eletrical nightmares! I had one inthe shop once that was towed in and I did all my checks and came up with a bad coil. I replaced the coil with a new one and it still wouldn't start. Then after 2 weeks of head scratching and swapping parts from another one I swapped out the coil again with one from the dealer and it ran. Go figure. I will never work on another VW again if it is made after they got rid of points.

                  Anyway, thanks guys. I'm trying here. Still need to hear from him to get this resolved.
                  Brian does this pelican case shipping thing sound like a good enough plan? If anyone has a better suggestion let me know and we'll do it. I'm cooled off a little and can think straight now. Sorry about earlier. I got caught off guard with this post and lost my head. My wife has been gone a lot over the past couple weeks and I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off here. I'm doing the best I can with what I got.


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                    Dan. you could go with a sigle rifle, lined cardboard carton. Those seem to work real well and won't drive up shipping cost too much!

                    I did notice the Fine work you did sir! Sorry to see em' get dinged.

                    But thats a done deal!! The boxes have worked on ALL the rifles that I have had shipped through the years. Then, as an option you could offer a Pelican case for those customers who request one.

                    But I would only send them in single boxes.

                    Sorry your weekend is starting out a stressful one. Hope it gets better for you soon!!


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                      We've had good luck with the carboard cartons too. The ones we use have a tough outer sleeve that really stiffens it up.

                      The pelicans are gonna be the only way I ship any more guns back valued over 2000.00 period. I just lost all faith in the shipping companies now. I'm not requiring customers to buy them unless they want to and they can ship them back when they receive the rifle for a full refund on the cost of the case.
                      Just an example:

                      1750 Weapons Case
                      Interior Dimensions:
                      50.50" x 13.50" x 5.25" (128.2 x 34.3 x 13.3 cm)
                      • Watertight, crushproof, and dust proof
                      • Easy open Double Throw latches
                      • Open cell core with solid wall design - strong, light weight
                      • O-ring seal
                      • Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve
                      • Fold down handles
                      • Strong polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings
                      • Stainless steel hardware and padlock protectors
                      • 3-piece foam set
                      • Personalized nameplate service available
                      • Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence
                      • suggested retail is $306.00 If you want to buy one from us for the purpose of shipping your rifle back and forth we will charge our cost of about $180.00 . This covers our dealer cost and the cost of shipping the case to us and that is all.
                      • I'm not out to part you from more money. I just want your rifles to arrive here and back to you as safely as possible and these cases are the best!
                      For previous customers that I know I can trust I will not even charge them for the case. Only for new customers that I haven't really built a relationship with yet. I'm updating my policy page now to include these new changes.

                      One new thing too. Cindi has been trying to enforce this but people aren't filling out the work order. I MUST have this to begin work on a gun. On it the customer will write a detailed inventory of the package, good description of the weapon and detailed list of work to be performed. Along with all the legal mumbo jumbo required to cover both our butts. Then it must be signed.
                      We have to have this to work on anything. Please help out ya'll.

                      If fedex does somehow crush one of these cases I will drive to Memphis personaly and find the one responsible for being a total bone head. That is my home town and there is nowhere they can hide from me!


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                        I'm Not Skeered

                        Dan, I Would'nt Mind A Pelican Case, If You Have A Extra. It Would Come in Handy In The Future !


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                          When Cindi get's home this afternoon we are gonna sit down and order as many as we can. Our cost is 164 I think and they cost about 15 bucks or so to ship plus like 2 % CC fee. I have to figure out our exact cost but that's pretty close. If you want one I'll have her get it for you OK.

                          Oh, this supplier will drop ship so that will cut down on shipping costs significantly.


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                            Shipping Boxes

                            All my CMP rifles came in very sturdy boxes and I've kept them in case I have to ship something off. I believe Fulton sells them on their site. Propbably a good alternative.

                            As far as the VW goes, I like the ride and handling but the mechanics are a nightmare. An oil change can't be done without a lift and three hands...


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                              I think Dan has handled this very well.

                              People need to learn manners and how to do business with vendors before airing their problems in public forum - obviously a mistake was made and everyone will learn from it here that reads this.

                              It seems Dan has absolutely no problem fixing this, and I doubt that his reaction if contacted privately - before throwing the dirtly laundry in the air - would have been any differently.

                              Cheap cases are just that - cheap. When a rifle can slide in a case from just carrying it is a problem.

                              Double rifle cases are jokes unless they are custom cut quality cases.

                              I'm not blasting the original poster, and understand that they're upset. Cooler heads and private contact are the way to start on this forum. This is a great place with quality vendors.

                              Everyone will learn from this.

                              Kudos to Dan and WTA.