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WTA, Why Were My Rifles Return Shipped To Me like This ???

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    Originally posted by DSS View Post
    We've had good luck with the carboard cartons too. The ones we use have a tough outer sleeve that really stiffens it up.

    The pelicans are gonna be the only way I ship any more guns back valued over 2000.00 period. I just lost all faith in the shipping companies now. I'm not requiring customers to buy them unless they want to and they can ship them back when they receive the rifle for a full refund on the cost of the case.
    Ahh, well hey Danno, I give you permission to ship my rifle in a box with packing peanuts... I guarantee you within 2-3 days of getting it back Its gonna get thrown on the ground, and in the bed of my truck, and be generally abused, so a little shipping scuffs aren't gonna hurt my feelings :D

    The other day I went shooting and my FAL locked up on me cuz my hand was near the ejection port and I bounced a shell back inside *OOPS*.. I was so plssed that I threw the rifle about 30' out onto some rocks, LOL

    My shooting partners all go wide eyed and were saying stuff like "You just THREW your rifle?" I was like...sure...its my rifle, whats the problem?

    Moral of the story: Ship my Tanker back to me in a cardboard box, I won't get all butthurt and whine over a couple little scratches

    Im glad you guys got your issues resolved... WTA customer service is #1.



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      Well done Dan.

      This has now all turned around to your benefit because all of us now see that you have outstanding Customer Service and that is a rare commodity these days.

      So not only do your customers get good work, they now know you care enough to make things right.


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        Kudos from me as well. This was handled very well on the part of DSS. Looking at getting a M1A and if I ever need anything done to it I plan on going to DSS for sure. Makes supporting the site and doing buisness with the vendors here all the more worth while. KILL!


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          Originally posted by DSS View Post

          Hey Klaus, I know you are coming here to get your rifle but do you want a pelican fitted to it for the trip home?
          I would love to have one

          email me when I can come visit you and Cindi



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            Originally posted by roach View Post
            Aahhyes68 You went out and bought a 20.00 dollar range case that is only rated for 14 pounds max and you shipped at least 21 pounds of weapons in the two weapons that Dan did work for.That case isn't rated for shipping.

            My 2 cents worth is....... if you air this type of laundry you should listen to the part about your end of it and have it aired openly also…….

            If you shipped two weapons to Dan in that case why wouldn't he think it would work on the return run?

            I would also bet that adding bubble wrap to each of those weapons would have prevented that cheap case from closing. That case only has so much room before closing it no longer is an option.

            If I had 2 guns valued at $3,000.00 a $20.00 case from Wal-Mart would have never been bought in the first place. What were you thinking "I have $3,000.00 in guns and this will work just fine and I am saving money?" obviously Dan just finished your thought process thinking "Well they shipped ok on the inbound trip it will work on the return trip”

            You would have been better off using 2 - $10.00 cases and duct taping them together, than placing them in a store bought box from the UPS Store. Then you would have been within your $20.00 budget for shipping $3,000.00 guns.

            Seems Like you are at least partially responsible for the process going bad......


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              Had rifles shipped to me from SA and CMP. They used the cardboard boxes too. I was impressed how strong they were. The SA box was a box in a box called M1 Wrap on the inside flap and the inside box had holds for the rifle to keep it in place during shipping. The CMP box was very heavy cardboard with foam inside.
              When I shipped my sm to SA I used a box in another box and packed it real tight with newspaper and anything I could find.
              I know Dan you are going to use the pelican cases. So on that note I will ask you if you have considered the starlight cases? Just as tough or tougher than pelican and they have steel handles instead of plastic. The pressure relief valve cannot be screwed out and lost. Just a thought. Looks like you are well on your way to resolution in this matter.
              I do agree with Mrs. Smith in what she said.


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                I will be in touch with you early in the week, I am working an awfull/miserable schedule right now.

                I will say I don't believe I'll be sending my rifles back to you though.

                Please read was I have to say below, please read thoroughly:

                Originally posted by DSS View Post

                It's not all his fault though. When he shipped them to me they were in a lot of small peices. I put the rifles together and shipped them back whole. I should have known better than use that case like I said
                1) For anyone here to even insinuate that I somehow caused or was responsible for the damage to my rifles is laughable and irritates me even further . I shipped everything COMPLETELY insulated from each other, then completely encapsulated the entire case with cardboard and used enough packing tape to practically waterproof the package. Other than being ran over nothing was going to be damaged ! I'm sure you remember that because it probably took you awhile to even get to my rifles I shipped safely.

                2) Anyone that thinks that Fed Ex is responsible for the damage is incorrect. The rifle case is 100% intact, it was the rifles inside the case that were packaged improperly. Heck, the silicone sock that I sent the M1 in could have been put back on, a little bubble wrap, newspaper, etc.. I don't head out to the range with two rifles in any case unprotected from each other, that gravity thing keeps popping into my head !

                3) Firearms are shipped safely everyday in cardboard boxes as well as Pelican cases. Firearms are recieved safely in cardboard boxes as well as Pelican cases. Did I mention that anyone that thinks I am somehow responsible for the damage to my rifles need to take a closer look. The rifle case is intact, it was not dropped out of a plane or ran over by a truck.

                4) Cynthia called me before shipping my rifles and asked me how I wanted them shipped. I simply replied that I would trust WTA's best judgement as far as packaging and in no way try to hold them responsible for a truck running over the case. Dan I have a hard time believing you personally packaged these rifles uninsulated from each other like this.

                5) I sent my rifles out April 29th for just over 400 bucks worth of work. I waited, I understood. We talked. I waited, I understood you started a new buisness so continued to be patient. I have spoke quite highly of WTA/you on several boards. The wait turned out to be worthless to me considering the condition I recieved my rifles.

                I do not feel like I am out of line here, we both know that I am not.



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                  Originally posted by ei276b View Post
                  I know Dan you are going to use the pelican cases. So on that note I will ask you if you have considered the starlight cases? Just as tough or tougher than pelican and they have steel handles instead of plastic. The pressure relief valve cannot be screwed out and lost. Just a thought.
                  I know this is an old topic, but if you [generic anybody] want to use a real case to send expensive rifles in through the courier companies like Fedex or UPS, use Starlight Cases and not Pelican. There is no comparison and the cost is similar.

                  True story: (disclaimer, yes I sell Starlight, no I am not fishing :) )

                  I had Starlight Cases on display at a gun show about 3 years ago. Fellow and his friend come up to my table. I had the smaller Starlight Cases out on display. Fellow turns to his friend and says that the Starlight Case is the best case he has seen, and then says that his company buys both Pelican and Starlight Cases to ship expensive electronic computers or test equipment or something like that in. He says that each year, they send about 30% of their Pelican cases back for warranty work. They have never sent back a Starlight Case in the many years they have been using them. They use their cases to send through couriers and to stick on airplanes. Pelican cases are good, but the Starlight Cases are much better and in the same price range. The only disadvantage to the Starlight is that it is probably heavier when empty than the Pelican due to the type of material it is made from.

                  (There is another case, which I do not yet carry though I have their literature around here somewhere, which is supposed to be as durable as the Starlight, similar price range, but lighter in weight -- Hardigg cases. I have no personal experience with them. They use a newer "high tech" material to get strength and durability, supposedly -- probably worth looking in to)



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                    Aahhyes68, I shipped an AR-180 to an individual's FFL, in a $15 hard case. Lots of foam, tight fit. The hard case was fit into a cardboard. I shipped the rifle with a mag installed. The rifle arrived at the FFL with a mag installed that looked as if it was hit with a sledgehammer.

                    Apparently, the rifle sifted so hard and violently theat the mag slammed into the area around recessed carry handle.

                    I found the story almost too hard to believe...I would have expected the box to break before the mag aluminum mag would explode. Weird. Regardless, if the person receiving the rifle was telling the truth, the package was obviously subjected to unreasonable handling/abuse.

                    Sh!t does happen. It is obvious that Dan is going above an beyond to make it right. Let Dan make it right.


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                      Looks like you have some problems of your own Mojo!

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                        Hi Brian...yeah, I see that. Fun stuff.