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UGH! {10 Things that are a Major No-No}

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  • UGH! {10 Things that are a Major No-No}

    This link takes you to the site rules, read them, understand them and ask questions if you need to:


    Please Note:
    ANYONE who gets banned and was also a site supporter can simply ask for an amount back equal to their unused annual donation.
    I'm not required to return donations (donations are gifts of support) that are used to pay for the site, but we don't want anyone feeling screwed, even if though those very same members caused themselves to loose their ticket to ride.

    You can have a friend PM me here or use the automated Contact the Site button at the bottom of the main page.

    The following 10 items {above and beyond those listed at the rules link above} will get the wheels knocked off your wagon:

    # 1) Ignoring repeated PM's from me.
    I'm not talking about Buyers Club stuff, I'm talking about warning e-mails based on whatever stupid junk you may have done.
    Or....other obviously important contacts.

    * I will first remove your ability to see the forum topics (except this one) if you still ignore me I will simply toss you off the site and ban your IP. So, if I have to chase you I will wash my hands of you! I won't be rude to you if you aren't to me....Kapeesh?

    # 2) Anyone advocating ************* "of anyone" will get you one warning then banned on any following offense. Come'on guys, do you really think Tha MAN doesn't scan the whole Internet now days?!?

    # 3) Giving my staff members immortal Hell because you've had a bad day or your wife has a bigger Dingaling than you! Don't do it.

    # 4) Talking armed insurrection, it's stupid to do so, even if some of you had the nads to do it, why issue a warning? Don't post that stuff here, I'm not going to be sitting under a bright light answering questions because some numbnut keyboard commando shot off his mouth here.

    # 5) Pledging funds to the site and then not sending it, only a crud ball would do that, so man up or step off.

    # 6) Sassing me for any reason, oh yeah, that's real frigging smart. {Not}

    # 7) Posting flames against vendors {new or old} even if you don't like them for some reason - ALL the vendors here do way more than any standard members in support of the site.
    Be nice or be gone, I'm tired of smart alecs - when it comes to flaming folks here. {vendors or not}

    # 8) Using my sites PM system to sell under the radar because you're too cheap to pay a lousy 100 bucks a year to be a legit vendor member. If your Kung Fu is that weak you shouldn't be in the gun biz to begin with.

    # 9) We have a few folks here that just aren't happy unless they are screwing/trolling with someone - don't make a habit of it.
    {go back and read item # 7} Remember - the anti flaming rules apply to all members.
    {which means - this rule also applies to vendors}

    # 10) Too many folks are trying to get around the site profanity filter, stop it.
    The cuss filter is there to keep those few children of a lessor God type members from making the rest of us look like ignorant buttheads who shouldn't be allowed to own weapons.......think about that, you rep for us all when you post, so don't be a potty mouth.

    #10 + 1) Staff members who run afoul of the above rules will also be subject to removal. After all, staff should be extra careful in how they conduct themselves, they should be a good example to others - not part of the problem.

    I'm sure some of you may start to think I am the biggest SOB on Earth for not letting you do whatever the Sam Hill you want to here.

    Just Remember:

    You're on private property, act like an adult, do what you say, be nice and if I take the time to contact you - be sure to reply
    {as defined above}, because I have way better things to do than contact folks just for giggles!
    KMA - KGC - THA - #01

    '308 Holes Make Invisible Souls'

    'The Path of Excess Leads to the Palace of Wisdom'

    'Crush Your Enemies, See Them Driven Before You, Hear the Lamentations of their Women'

    You cannot invade mainland America.
    There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.

    Isoroku Yamamoto, Japanese Admiral