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Major ~ Fulton Armory M1A ~ Announcement!

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  • Briansammo
    started a topic Major ~ Fulton Armory M1A ~ Announcement!

    Major ~ Fulton Armory M1A ~ Announcement!

    Post your interest below or contact me directly.

    Some of you old line members will recall that we did a 100 count custom WarRifles serial number run of Fulton Armory M1A receivers several years ago starting with WR001.
    These are now considered collectors items and we are about to do it again! We will start the next receiver run where the original one left off, which as I recall would be a
    WR101 starting serial number onward. These will be stripped M1A receivers, just like the first run and once again I expect several folks to want one just to have a piece
    of history, with others (like myself) actually building them up into complete weapons.

    Don't worry about the needed parts to finish yours off, between my personal stash and that of Fultons, anyone wanting a complete, battle ready M1A will be able to do so.
    I have had zero problems with my various Fultons, crazy reliable, properly fitted and dead accurate.
    The M1A is my favorite rifle of all time, I have loved them ever since
    I picked my very first one up in the late 80's. This is a big deal and I want everyone to get ramped up to join me in making this second run a big success too. Nothing balances,
    inspires you or feels as good as a damn nice M1A and you can take that to the bank!

    As we get ready to do this, Clint at Fulton will be doing a step by step pictorial of his building up of my WR001 & WR002 receivers from our first custom serial number receiver run.
    Clint will be building my 2 rifles up using all mint, unissued, USGI parts, as supplied by me. Parts that include unissued Winchester and TRW barrels, they even still have the rolled
    VCI wrap tubes down the barrels...sweet! Both will be National Match grade rifles with all matching parts! Meaning that WR001 will be all Winchester, glass bedded into an unissued,
    ultra rare, gorgeous Arlington National Cemetery Honor Guard Cherry Wood stock and WR002 will be an all TRW, glass bedded into an also gorgeous Fancy Burly Maple stock, also in
    unissued, stone cold mint condition (both are $500.00 + stocks)...WOW!

    My plans for receiver number WR101 'from this upcoming run' will be to have it glass bedded into an unissued, mint condition E2 stock complete with all original, mint condition usgi
    hardware (read that as being an almost impossible find, because no parts are missing and all are in perfect condition!) WR102 'from this upcoming run' will be all TRW glass bedded
    into one of Fultons fancy grade wood stocks, maybe even one of their laminate ones. Ah, God, let me just soak that in for a minute...fabulous, I am on the edge of my seat as I type this!
    The above descriptive pictorial, showing a step by step build up of WR001 & WR002 will also give all of you an opportunity to see exactly what Fulton does to make their M1A's special.

    Obviously, I'm very pleased to once again make this custom serial number run offer to the members of WarRifles.com!

    Additional Details are as follows:

    * My price per receiver is the same price you will pay for your M1A receiver, which will be better than you expect.
    * ANY member can get one of these special receivers!
    * Only Site Supporter ranked members (from that of Crown Prince of War down to that of Constable) can actually PICK the serial number that they want.
    * First to put dibs on an exact serial number gets it, if they are a Site Supporter.
    * Standard Members (not Site Supporter ranked) can pick any unclaimed serial numbers that are left available, once the Site Supporter guys swarm the list.
    * If you want to lay claim to a particular serial number, then join up as a Site Supporter! Contact me now and ask me how.

    Upcoming serial numbers WR101 & WR102 are mine, so serial number picks will start at WR103 onward.

  • Tommy V.

    I have two LRB receivers that are paper weights. I would be interested in replacing them with Fulton receivers, Count me in for two (2)

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  • Briansammo
    Anyone who is interested needs to make a post.
    When enough interest has been shown, we will make a production run.

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  • longshot

    Any update on when these are coming? I'd like to reserve WR208, if possible.

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  • Briansammo
    I'll ask when I call them later this week.
    I'm not going to get bogged down in the cast vs. forged receiver debate, but I know of several Post Dealer Samples (full auto) M1A's built on cast receivers and they run fine.
    I personally don't think it's a big deal either way.

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  • ArmyOrdGuy
    Since Fulton doesn't cast or forge receivers, who/what company is supplying the receivers? Are they cast or forged?

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    M1A Receivers

    I'd like to reserve serial nos.;

    #111 and #123.

    Thank You!

    Edmond O'Quin

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  • Fallschirmjager
    That sounds great since I don't have one.

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