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557's on the way! Yes...They finally made them!!

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  • 557's on the way! Yes...They finally made them!!

    Anyone with a change of address, please PM ASAP so the unit will go to the right place.

    The only hang-up is with a 4x mag that arrived scratched from the factory. I have a RMA for that and will be getting you a replacement ;)

    Thanks All!

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    Do we have a shipping date on these units yet?


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      Some went last week...still have more coming after a shipping mistake on EO's part.



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        How about another update?


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          Status is the same due to EO Tech's inability to ship the proper amount of product in a box. They will be going out as they arrive.



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            Other vendors now have 557s in stock. As this group buy evolution is now at one year plus, We would all appreciate you getting a little more aggressive with your supplier. Perhaps daily calls to them might be in order?


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              Thank you for your input (yet again) in regards to the situation.

              Our supplier IS EO TECH and they messed up AGAIN as I said in the last post. They shipped whatever they made to vendors and are now making additional units to cover their mistake. The units I did receive were turned around within 10hrs of receipt unless the GB member advised me to hold.


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                Updates, please? Any word from EO Tech?

                (That means have you spoken with them?)


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                  They are producing units to fill the void. I am slated to receive the missing units they failed to send as soon as they can get them out.


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                    No offense intended, but how long since you've actually TALKED with them? What was said? Actual time estimates? We know that "you're waiting for units", we've known that for 13 months. You're still sitting on our money, we'd all appreciate regular reports with real phone interaction involved.



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                      GMG, please respond. How long since you've actually spoken with EO Tech?

                      Please get us a verbal shipping date estimate. You OWE us at least that.


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                        I have responded repeatedly to you and explained the holding pattern EO Tech gave me after they shorted a box on 21DEC07. They shipped everything out to dealers and I am waiting on the short ship to be produced and sent to me. That date has not changed and I have multiple inquiries in with them in addition to getting their new "We Don't Care" attititude in person at the SHOT Show last week. When questioned, sales staff quickly side stepped to sign up the next dealer for 2008. One of the many reasons I'll be dealing with AIMPOINT going foward.

                        All other units that have come in were shipped to customers who have pm'd me to advise of safe arrival at there final delivery point.


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                          Typeay.....Rob has a phone number, use it.
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