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eguns.com benefits for WR.com members

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  • eguns.com benefits for WR.com members

    We will offer specials on various products, etc. over time. However, if you mentioned WR.com and your WR.com name/handle when you order (phone, comments section of online shopping cart, etc) you will get some extra benefits for ALL orders.

    eguns.com sells Dillon Precision reloading equipment and other reloading equipment. eguns.com ALSO sells all sorts of AR15/M16 upgrade and build parts, gun cleaning stuff, magazines, Leatherman tools, Sigtac clothing, etc.

    Normally, for all orders from any person [unless otherwise noted in the product descriptions, where we have some reduced or free shipping on certain items], we offer Free Shipping [USA 48 States -- HI, AK, foreign, and APO/FPO, except as indicated in products] on all orders above $375 and a sliding flat rate scale for smaller orders. Up to $50 total, $6.29; up to $100 total, $6.79; up to $150 total, $6.99; up to $200 total, $7.99; up to $375 total, $8.99; and over $375, FREE. Small orders that can fit in a padded envelope or in a post office flat rate envelope are charged the lesser of the actual postage [plus insurance] plus 50 cents for the packing materials or the flat rate, whichever is less (so small items can be shipped for less than the flat rate). Dillon Precision Products orders are free above $350 and have a flat rate scale that looks like: Up to $50 total, $6.29; up to $100 total, $6.79; up to $150 total, $6.99; up to $210 total, $6.99; from $210 to $350, $5.99; and over $350, FREE. (This is when the order is Dillon items only, or the only non Dillon items are small inconsequential ones). And for orders containing Dillon items, if the total of the Dillon items is over $400, we start throwing in some small item(s) for free. (Listed on our website).

    For WR.COM members, when you mention WR.com and your WR.com name/handle at checkout/on phone, the above is modified. Free Shipping starts at $300 for all orders except Dillon item orders, where it starts at $290. The normal and Dillon order flat rate shipping is less by 50 cents. That makes the standard flat rate be as follows: Up to $50 total, $5.79; up to $100 total, $6.29; up to $150 total, $6.49; up to $200 total, $7.49; up to $300 total, $8.49; and over $300, FREE. For Dillon Orders the scale is then: Up to $50 total, $5.79; up to $100 total, $6.29; up to $150 total, $6.49; up to $210 total, $6.49; from $210 to $290, $5.49; and over $290, FREE. In addition, the small order post office rate is actual postage plus 25 cents (instead of 50 cents) (or the normal flate rate if less).

    Additionally for WR.com members who mention WR.com and their name/handle at checkout, and who are placing Dillon Orders, the free stuff Tier will be upped by one. That means, if you order $400 or more of Dillon Brand items, your free stuff tier starts at tier 2. If it would be tier 5 you get to choose from tier 6.

    All Leatherman product orders for WR.com members will be shipped FREE instead of the special flat rate pricing given.

    SigTac orders for WR.com members are still free above $99 but if below $99 the flat rate is only $3. (Order must be all SigTac items -- if mixed SigTac and non SigTac, and SigTac items total over $99, their value is subtracted out of the total value to determine the flat rate shipping charge unless the whole order qualifies for free shipping anyway).

    Small AR-15 or other gun parts [grips, magpul stuff, rail covers, latches, gg&g and other small parts, etc.] totalling $48 or more will ship for free as long as it can be done by the USPS for the 1 pounds / flat rate Priority Mail Envelope rate or by first class mail. For WR.com members who mention their WR.com name on checkout.

    Note for orders to other countries, AK, HI, etc. We will ship (allowed) products to most countries. (Singapore, Eastern Europe, etc may have more stringent payment requirements). Some items cannot be shipped to other countries [sights, most gun parts, etc]. We won't ship if not allowed. For Shipping and Handling Charges to AK, HI, and non USA destinations please read the T&C (terms and conditions page) at eguns.com for full details, handling charges, etc. But the executive summary is as follows: If our actual cost for shipping your order from our location in Utah to a ZIP in Ohio would be more than the flat rate or free shipping we would offer a customer in the 48 US States, we will credit the difference between those prices to your shipping charge. Example: You order stuff that would cost a flat rate of $6.29 when shipped inside the USA, but it would cost us actually $9.79 to ship that to Ohio. The difference is $3.50. So, suppose the actual shipping plus handling charge to ship this to your country is $25.00. We would charge you $21.50 as you would get the same benefit of the flat rate shipping that US customers get. This is true for Alaska, Hawaii, as well as foreign countries. However, some AK and HI stuff is small and can be mailed at the normal postal rates that the 48 states also have... (We write the invoice a little differently to apply this shipping credit on foreign orders but the totals are the same, in order to try and help with customs and taxes etc). Do not ask us to lie on order values on invoices or to declare things a gift. We cannot honestly or legally do that when it is not so.

    NOTE: We do NOT charge your card in most cases until your order is packed and ready to ship except for final paperwork and labeling. Some special orders are an exception. Also, if you happen to order a drop ship item, we will do a card pre-authorization at the time we place the drop ship with the distributor, but not actually complete the transaction and "grab" the money until we have word from the distributor that the item has been sent. (Similar to what hotels and gas stations do when you get there or start pumping gas). We have only a few drop ship items so in most cases this does not apply.

    NOTE for online orders: The online eguns.com store does not know about your WR.com shipping discounts, special prices, etc. Don't worry. If the online shipping shows our standard flat rate, and your email confirmation does as well, but you mentioned WR.com in the checkout comments (please don't forget your WR.com name/handle), I will adjust when I actually write up the invoice and only charge you what is listed here or in any special deal or ad we make or in any quote we send you (mention the quote in the comments as well so we can correlate). Since your card is not charged until I am ready to actually ship the order (in most cases -- see above), the online S&H total or what you see in your confirmation is just an estimate based on a standard order. It will be charged correctly.

    We have lots of products including stuff not (yet) listed on our website. We stock lots of various GG&G stuff (and more stuff is coming since our SHOT Show visit), Magpul (still getting set up but have a few things already), ACE stocks, Badger Ordnance tactical latches, Ergo Grip Sure Grips, Blue Force Gear, and various other stuff (CAA later this year, FAB/Mako coming, etc). Aimpoint and EO Tech are stocked (Trijicon is drop shipped). Dillon Precision, Wiley-X, Revision Eyewear, (ESS coming soon), Leatherman, Inova, Streamlight, Insight Technology, etc. Starlight Cases, M-Pro 7 cleaning stuff, Hoppes Boresnakes and Elite gun cleaner, SigTac from SigArms. LULA loaders at good prices. We also have Blackhawk and Blackwater tactical gear that we drop ship and discounted prices (not yet listed but tell us what you need and we will quote it). If you don't see it on our website, please ask us. It may just not yet be listed, or we can get it or can have it drop shipped to you.

    We [corporate "we" ;) ] have been in business over 12 years, over 11 in the sales end of things. Customer Service and Satisfaction is our number one goal. Give us a try! (It is a 1 man shop so sometimes requests for quotes from other countries, which take a lot of time to do shipping estimates on, get delayed a little as I try and find extra time to do them -- I am happy to do them but it could take a day or so to get them back)

    We try and ship all in-stock orders the same or next day.

    I and my family appreciate your patronage.

    Feel free to start topics in this forum to ask questions about anything related to reloading, brag on eguns.com :p etc...

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