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Click to Recall Joaquin Jackson

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  • Click to Recall Joaquin Jackson

    NRA Voting Members, Call To Action!!

    Here it is: Petition to Recall Joaquin Jackson

    And also in pdf, see below.

    This is a hot link so you click it and it should download to your computer. It's a Word doc.

    You'll get the first page which is the petition and two follow on pages with additional info as to why I'm doing this. (If you've followed this thread on GT then you already know. )

    Feel free to post this link in other places. Be sure you "copy shortcut" to get megaupload address!

    If there are any problems with the link PM me so I can contact the file storage site.

    Get this around to gun shows, clubs, ranges etc. We need to act fairly quickly as this needs to get in in time to make the print deadline for the next annual meeting. We've got about two months.

    Remember, we need 450 total, with a minimum of 100 from three states to qualify.

    Can we make this a sticky for the next two months or so? Thanks.

    Now also available right here in pdf thanks to Stevemis!!


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    I see your making the rounds.


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      Yeah, had all kinds of trouble trying to post here last night and this morning. Seems to be working better today.


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        Results thus far:

        1018 download's from the Megaupload site as of edited time!! (Not counting pdf downloads from the various places it is posted but there's at least 100 of them.)

        The hard part will be getting 100 per in at least three states.

        49 Petitions received (had to send one back to TX as it was missing info, got it Texas!)

        Alabama - 1
        California - 4
        Colorado - 1
        Connecticut - 1
        Florida - 1
        Georgia - 1
        Illinois - 3
        Indiana - 1
        Kentucky - 1
        Maryland - 4
        Massachusetts - 1
        Michigan - 1
        Minnesota - 1
        Mississippi - 3
        Nebraska - 1
        New Jersey - 1
        New York - 2
        North Carolina - 4
        North Dakota - 2
        Oklahoma - 1
        Oregon - 1
        Pennsylvania - 4
        Texas - 2
        Virginia - 6
        Washington - 1
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          My browser has serious trouble negotiating this forum's pages. I may or may not be able to keep this thread as up to date as I do the others depending on the amount of time I have to sit and wait for this site to load properly.

          Recon (or anyone else for that matter) if you see the other forums are updated with better, more current info, say by several hours, would you mind updating by copy-paste from the other forums? When I update the forums it takes about 30-40 minutes. If it goes beyond that time and this one isn't updated then it's because this site is locking up my IE and I don't have time to wait.

          Other forums I'm posting this in (some with pretty good discussion too!):

          and here!

          Feel free to post in your local forums, use "copy shortcut" to get link to megaupload site; dl the pdf and then you can upload it from your computer. Some forums (like this one) only allow a pdf to be a certain size or smaller so I had to leave a link to a different forum that would allow a pdf the size of mine to be uploaded.


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            North Dakota is really pulling someone else's slack as they are 48th in size in the Union!

            From one of my posts on GT:

            Originally posted by TexasFats
            I am afraid that they won't--until it is too late to do any good. Life member or not, I an going to join GOA and SAF. No sense in putting all of our eggs in one basket.

            I agree with that too. I just stroked a check yesterday to GOA for my Life membership there.

            But the clout that 4.3 million Americans can have is just too big a prize not to fight for...

            My favorite animal is the Cape Buffalo. It is noble, resists domestication, looks for no trouble but engages it when trouble finds them. They reclaim their own. When in danger protectors (adults) of the herd all stand shoulder to shoulder and project a united front against the danger. This is what I'd like to see happen with the pro-gun groups.

            I propose to found the "Cape Buffalo Society". An association of groups/folks dedicated to uniting in a cooperative effort, reclaiming our 2A rights.

            This will be a closed door round-table for leadership/spokesman members of all the gun groups to come and to discuss the varying view points on the different issues and hopefully come to consensus; and supporters. Thereby showing a united front to the rest of America and the world. Enough of the sniping at each other. Divided we will fall.

            Let me introduce you to the cast of characters in our story below:

            -The mighty Cape Buffalo: responsible, US Constitution following gun owners, the Militia (as designated by USC)
            -Baby Buffalo: our wives, children, families, or even our Rights
            -The Lions: socialists, communists, leftists, anti-gunners, the Disarmers
            -The Crocodile: criminal opportunists, attackers of the weak and unarmed

            Our Story as Illustrated by our Creator's Nature

            Seeing the parallels in this video durn near brought tears to my eyes.


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              I will do what I can down here in NC, my buddy and I will get two petitions to you. 100 in three states will be a bit tough as IMHO most NRA members I know are fudds who, "don't see what you want/nee that (evil black gun) for" types. Or the "I have my thuty-thuty" I don't need one of those" etc etc.
              Anyway, we'll do what we can, pm me if you need to.
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              One great place.


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                Thanks Cap'n!!

                Ladies and Gentlemen,
                There have been many downloads. Nearly 900. But I've only received 30+ petitions back. (Haven't checked yet today. Wifee will be home later and she's stopping by the box.)

                Now I don't know if the "other" side of this argument has started dl'ing to boost the numbers to cause my (our) side to think their vote is not needed, that someone else can do it, but please do not let this stop you from voicing your choice in the matter. Every vote counts and every vote is needed. It's important to let the Board know just how much support is out here for this point of view. We don't want to be marginalized.

                So if you have been meaning to send your petition in do it. If you know of vote eligible folks that haven't had the chance to learn of the situation, bring it up and discuss it. Take action if you agree.

                I'd like to get the petitions to NRA HQ by mid Nov. That will ensure they've got the time necessary to do the things they need to by the bylaws. We can wait a little bit more but then we're cutting into our "safety margin."

                Petitions are up, 12 in the last three days (not including Sunday), so maybe we're 'turning the corner' so to speak. Don't count on someone else to do it, you take action.

                Let me count on you!! You can on me!
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                  I got two from NC going out in the mail to you tomorrow.
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                  One great place.


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                    **Important Info**

                    **Important Info**

                    I've combined efforts with several others. A blog has been created to handle this whole JJ debacle. All the updated info will be there.


                    I will be updating that single site instead of trying to keep the dozen+ forums I was posting in, updated. That took about an hour and that was if there were minimal new posts to reply to.

                    I will try to answer new posts as they occur but I won't be updating the numbers here any longer.

                    Thanks to All!!


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                      I'm having trouble understanding the opposition to this person. The NRA is no friend to gun owners. Hell, it was started by FDR so it must be communistic by design.


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                        Originally posted by hangman View Post
                        I'm having trouble understanding the opposition to this person. The NRA is no friend to gun owners. Hell, it was started by FDR so it must be communistic by design.
                        I don't know where you got that, I'd like to see references.

                        In the mean time try this:

                        The NRA was founded on November 17, 1871 by two Union Army officers, Col. William C. Church and Gen. George Wingate, who were upset with the poor marksmanship of their troops.


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                            It's not too Late! Just don't Hesitate!!

                            It's not too Late! Just don't Hesitate!!

                            If you haven't already, get your petition in to recall Joaquin Jackson from the NRA board.