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A tale of two deals

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  • A tale of two deals

    Interesting, at least to me, how different people behave in business deals. I have recently had two experiences dealing with a couple of guys on different websites. Both had really good reputations as squre dealers.
    The first was going to repair some personal stuff that had sentimental value. He did advise that the repairs could take a few months, fair enough. I shipped the items off with payment, and waited and waited, after about 4 months passed, I began e-mailing. I got some response with various excuses and reasons, but all promising to repair the items and return them to me. After a few more months, and several e-mails, he stopped responding. I figured I had been screwed, so as a last resort I sent a return receipt letter asking that the items be returned, along with my money, I even offered to pay return shipping. Lo and Behold, 2 weeks later I get my equipment back, repaired, an a very nice letter apologizing for the delay and explaining that due to health problems he had in effect gone broke and it was taking him a while to get everything returned. In my mind the guy was trying to do the right thing, just wish he communicated better.
    The second case involved the purchase of some commodities from a website I frequent. Again, every post I read by people that had dealt with the guy was positive. So I sent my money with my order. After a few months I began e-mailing the guy and, again, got various excuses. Finally, after a while I got part of what I ordered, but every inquiry about the balance was met with excuses and promises. Then , no more response, no replies to my questions. Now I know the guy is still kicking because I have seen him online. So I figured I'd try the return receipt letter approach. That didn't work, so now I can only assume I have been taken.
    I am old enough and experienced enough (I think) not to be surprised that some folks can't be trusted, but you gotta wonder how some folks can face themselves. At least the first guy did his best to make it right even though he was in a tough spot. The second guy not so much.
    I am posting this only to vent, not asking advice or for sympathy.