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Prayer request - Health Related ( add yours too)

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  • Prayer request - Health Related ( add yours too)

    I had an unfortunate, to say the least, incident that happened last Sunday.

    I was out at a local restaurant with my 17 year old son having lunch.

    My son has lost weight over the past few months, due to what we thought was some type of stomach problem, leaving me very concerned.

    Well when we were leaving and my boy passed out and fell whilst we were leaving the establishment.

    I took him to the emergency room and since he was passing out, had a bad headache and could barely walk they sent him to the children's hospital to give him further tests.

    To make a long story short, they gave him an MRI and found a brain tumor.

    He was operated on yesterday and there have been complications.

    He is in and out of consciousness now, slurring his speech and having other problems. I've been practically living at the hospital the past few days.

    Please say a prayer for his recovery, I'm literally asking everyone I know to pray for him.

    God bless all of you with family members or friends with health conditions.

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    Prayers outbound for you and your son.
    God bless.
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      Thank you brother, I appreciate your prayers.


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        Prayers inbound
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          Prayers and meditations coming your way, brother. May your son persevere and fully recover from this awful turn of events.
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            Thank you TheShadow and progunner1957

            Appreciate your prayers - we need all we can get.