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Whats the deal with 1911's?

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  • Whats the deal with 1911's?

    I've been looking to get a handgun and been noticing a common trend. 1911's are expensive, what gives? Better then other semi autos?

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    John Browning was the Moses of firearms. (Couldn't pass up the joke, Moses was his middle name.)

    The 1911 is a great handgun, the main contributer is the single action trigger. LAPD SWAT and the FBI hostage rescue team use them. Locally the Tacoma WA PD went to the 1911 after extensive testing, I believe there was an article in SWAT magazine about it.

    Lots of custom manufacturers hand building them has driven up the price, due to the process. Others use the price of the great ones as an excuse to charge too much for their products.

    That said there are good deals out there. You can get a pretty nice Taurus that's tricked out for just over $600, compared to twice that from competitors.


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      May also want to check out Para-Ordnance "GI Expert", lists for $599 retail - might work a better deal through your FFL.
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        Thanks guys!


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          para-1911 g.i. expert

          just got one yesterday and test shot today. is very nice pistol. my friend who is really into 1911's really enjoyed shooting mine. shot factory and reloads. only problem i had was with one of the two clips that came with it. it wouldn't feed right, the bullet would't point upwards in clip so wouldn't feed, other clip was fine. sent e-mail to para today about repair or replacement. no answer yet. but other then that very happy with it. i paid $560.00 plus tax. gotzguns


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            Rock Island is gaining a good rep.



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              Since Colt cheapened the .45s starting with the Series 80 models, the Series 70 pistols have gone through the roof. I have two for sale and they're not cheap.

              Pistols like the Kimber, Les Baer, Nighthawk are limited production with a lot of hand work so that drives up the price.

              A nice pistol would be the AMT Hardballer .45. Stainless steel, and well thought of.

              If you think they're expensive now, wait until the idiots in DC start talking gun control again. Gun prices aren't going anywhere but up.


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                They are addicting is the deal....

                Let me start this short novel with the end (I don't even like to read all the way to the end of some of my posts so I'm putting the end at the top). This post is just my opinion based on my own experience. If you are going to get a 1911, go to a range that lets you rent them and have a go at a few cheap ones and a few higher dollar ones. I will be willing to bet almost anything that if you like the 1911 platform and go with a cheap one, you may not regret the purchase, but you will be back to buy a better one at some point. With that, why not just go with the better model from the start?

                I have not come across many who have owned a 1911 and decided it wasn't for them. Most 1911's make an average shooter look good and a good shooter look great (A great shooter will look great with whatever he is handed). Once you decide they are for you, you're hooked. I own too many pistols to name and have been issued quite a few as well. The one style I can't seem to get enough of is the 1911. It is a true original design that has held it's own against the test of time with only minor modifications.

                Now to the price (I already admitted I'm an addict):

                There is a big difference in quality between the various manufacturers and models that even a novice will notice right away. I won't always say you get what you pay for, but with a 1911, sometimes you do. You can go cheap and probably still get pretty good results using ball ammo with a 5" slide or even a 4.25" commander slide. The difference will be when you get your hands on a well made 1911 where the fit just feels right and tight.

                I will say that price is not really a factor to me if I find a weapon I want, but the weapon needs to prove to me that it is worth the extra cash. A perfect example of this is the Springfield TRP Operator Vs the Springfield Professional (Civilain HRT model). I own both and would go with the TRP Operator over the Pro any day (I take the 7 mags that came with the pro with me).

                My next purchase is going to be an Ed Brown Special Forces carry with bobtail. This pistol is expensive, but I shot one the other day and it blew me away. Do I need another 1911? No way. Do I have the will power to keep me from buying it? Not a chance.

                Just my opinion and I'm in no way a 1911 snob (I like them all), I just like some better. Good luck in your search and give a range report after you choose.

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                  SpringField has one stanless @802 not too bad at all kinds looking at it myself.


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                    Springfield TRP Operator

                    Originally posted by thepatterson View Post
                    A perfect example of this is the Springfield TRP Operator Vs the Springfield Professional (Civilain HRT model). I own both and would go with the TRP Operator over the Pro any day (I take the 7 mags that came with the pro with me).

                    I have to agree with Mike. I have several 1911’s, but the Springfield TRP Operator is by far the “best” in my collection. It is also a good carry gun, with the proper holster. I exclusively use Milt Sparks holsters (Versa Max 2) and can highly recommend them. Only problem is the wait time.


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                      Love my Springfield MC Operator, as well.

                      Way more accurate than I'll ever be and feels so nice in the hand.


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                        1911's grow on you. Once you know the history, experience their operation and become acquainted with time, they become a part of you.

                        I like the simple and basic models (since I don't do competition) for their reliability and functional accuracy. My SA Mil Classic is a good one, but I understand the Rock Island offering is good too. I also have a "parts gun" made up of various components that does just fine for me.


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                          I have been looking at 1911's for a couple of weeks now and I would like a Kimber or the Springfield TRP but I am not sure if I am ready to commit that much money.
                          Para, Taurus and Rock Island are all good pistols but what are you giving up for the reduction in price? Are they only a 500 dollar pistols or are they that good and just able to produce them cheaper?



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                            Which 1911

                            I have a Springfield 1911 A1. Cost me $560.- Excellent to shoot, accurate as can be and has never had a failure to feed or fire. On the side I would love to get a Colt Commander, but $$$ is a bit too much for that one.


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                              With 1911s, like most other guns and accessories, you get what you pay for. With a GI model gun you get one that will likely function well out of the box. It will probably not be as accurate as some of the higher end modles. It will not have all the bells a whistles. But you genrally get a good combat accurate handgun. On the down side of the GI modles, the sights are typically small. harder to change and there are less options. Look at the G modles as the Glock or M&P for a price point.

                              Next up you've got the Springfield Loadeds, Kimber Customs, etc.. With these guns you get better sights that are easily changed. Tighter fitting slide and frame. Beaver tail grip safety for comfort and a higher hold on the pistol wich helps with recoil controll. A commander style hammer wich is genrally needed with the beaver tail. Extended thumb saftey, ambi on the springers. Nicer grips. And a more accurate gun in genrall. This is the price point where you run into dimminishing returns on your money unless youlike all the extra options on the next gun up. You can also get guns in this genral price range with alloy frames to save weight and or factory night sights. These guns tend to have a carry bevel knocking down the sharp edges on the guns. You're genrally into H&K and nicer Sig money now.

                              The third price range of 1911s are the Guns like the Kimber warrior, Sprngfield TRP, etc.. These guns IMHO are the pinnical of production 1911s. You genrally get better finnish, front strap checkering, night sights, nice grips, mag guide, front srap checkering and or a rail. These guns tend to be very accurate and very reliable. Most of the owners of these guns think they were worth every penny. Custom shop, Sigs, Tactical H&Ks etc. are in this price range.

                              Lastly you have the semi custom guns that are hand assembled like Wilson, Night Hawk, etc.. These are genrally as good as you can get. However many think that the price point over the TRPs is just wasted money. This is the price range where you start to see guns with no MIM parts. A good custom house gun will have all too stell parts machined from block of steel. That is a large part of the price increase in these guns.

                              One reason 1911s costmore than the competetors is that there are a lot more steel parts to be finnished and fit. The 1911 was designed when hand fitting and machining parts was the norm not the exception. CNC machines and injecton molding were not part of the production line.

                              There are some cheaper 1911 alternatives, such as the Taurus. If you look at a Taurus and a Springfield with the same features side by side you;ll see the difference. However many have good luck with them, so if you're on a budget they may work for you. Personnally onthe one Taurus I owned the ambi thumb safety would work itself loose after just a few rounds. I also thought the checkering looked pretty bad. But It had many of the features of guns that cost twice as much. So again I got what I paid for.