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Springfield XD series, questions.

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  • Springfield XD series, questions.

    I own a couple of the small subcompact XDs Springfield Armory handguns in 45acp and I really like them. While I would generally not be thrilled with the grip safety concept, I'm O.K. with it on this small of a handgun, which I tend to carry in my front pocket. I guess having an extra margin of protection against accidental discharge probably is a good idea when the gun is carried in close proximity to Mr. Johnson.

    What I would like opinions on are the bigger versions of the XD series of weapons, both the full size and the mid size compact. To me, the bore axis on these bigger size XD series pistols seems higher than most other brands of the same size, causing it to feel like the weapon is sitting up in the hand, instead of down in it. I've heard that a complete activation of the grip safety is more of an issue on these bigger size XD guns, firing grip placement wise. The slides seem tall, clunky and overdone to me, just like some of the Sig handguns, so I wish they would revisit that aspect of the design. As I consider getting one of these as a truck gun, the build quality looks good and I hear they are reliable, with good quality factory mags and good sights. I keep hearing that these larger XD pistols like to run-wet, meaning well lubricated vs. only a drop or two of oil, not sloppy wet, just more lubricant than I might normally use. If you have a full or mid-size XD and like it, tell me what you think from A to Z. Good, bad and indifferent info on these larger XD guns is what I need, before I plunk down my hard earned money.
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    Hi Steve, I have been using an XD Tactical for several years and like it. Since Illinois passed concealed carry it has been one of my carry guns (the other is a 4 inch S&W 44 Magnum)and have had no trouble concealing it with proper attire. I have a Comp-Tac holster that allows my dress shirt to tuck in over the weapon to cover it in warm weather or just as a regular inside the waistband with a vest or jacket to cover. My XD has performed without problems and I shoot cast bullets all the time for practice and carry Federal 230 grain Hydrashock for anti-social work. After using 1911's for so long the grip size is larger but not clumsy, is contoured well for me at least. The grip safety is a non issue, never had a problem with it. The sights are the white dot type but I am leaning toward trying the XS Large dot front sight with the shallow V rear sight. As far as lube goes, I just put a drop or so on each rail and let it run, wiping off any extra so as to not attract dirt, lint, etc. My ONLY speed bump is I have to use the included magazine loader to get the last round or two in the magazine because of the heavy spring. Maybe I'm just a pussy. But if you are out among the goblins you will have topped off before leaving the castle anyway. Hope this helps a little. Keep your powder dry, Don


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      By the way Steve, if you would, I would like to hear of your subcompacts and experience with them as I have been considering one for carry when my wife and I are riding our bicycles out in the country. Thanks.


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        I really like the Springfield Armory DXs (their subcompact for those not familiar with the XD weapon system.) I have 3 blued ones in 45acp and a stainless one in 9mm, all 4 of them are the 3.3 model. I like the gun just like it comes and do not make use of any of the + 1 extended mags available, because they ruin the short and tight profile. I use the flush fitting factory mags, which holds 5 rounds for the 45 and 6 for the 9mm. Some may not like the very aggressive grip texture, but it's nothing that a fingernail polishing block (available at CVS, etc) won't take the edge off of. The sights are great with a red filament front sight, but an extra green insert if included, for those who prefer green. If you do change out the factory installed red filament front sight insert and swap it for the green one, be sure to heat up a nail head and melt the ends of the filament, so it stays in place.

        Reliability with all 4 of mine is 100%, ejection is positive, all shoot to point of aim and I was almost shocked at the below 20 yards accuracy. The gun is a bit heavy, as in heavier than you would think, the new 4.0 size (same frame, but longer slide) is nose heavy, so I'm sticking with the original size DXs, which of course remains available. There was a recall that kinda downed the brands allure, something about the grip safety, Springfield will fix it for free, but your gun will be gone for a month. If you find an XD that you like and there is a roll pin visible in the top 1/3rd of the grip safety, then that weapon has already been fixed. I do not particularly like the trigger pull, it's stagey, especially after the warranty fix, but then again, it's a pocket rocket and not an IPSC trainer. These are striker fired guns and are not repeat strike capable by simply pulling the trigger again. While bad factory ammo or dead primers are rare, if your gun goes click instead of bang, you will have to clear the chamber and move onto the next round or at least reset the gun by pulling the slide back slightly. Trigger break is late mid stroke, meaning the trigger doesn't have to bottom out damn near against the guns frame prior to firing like say a Ruger LCP or LC9 triggers do. Mags are of nice quality, polished stainless or chrome, hard to tell, but they work fine. Take down is easy in concept, but it does take a good bit of thumb pressure to get the take down lever moved into the up position, once that is done, just like with a Glock, you have to dry fire the weapon to get the slide off of the frame.

        Overall, I really like these DXs 3.3 guns. I'm not sure how well a low round count weapon would do with multiple attackers needing a couple of put down hits each, but it's a size vs capacity trade off and with that in mind, it's a backup carry piece for me, unless I'm just walking to the street to check the mail. Prices run in the $500 range for the standard blue and as much as $600 for the stainless. The blued version are nice guns, but have a scratch sensitive almost black oxide type finish, but the stainless ones are sexy as Hell and all I will buy from now on, a stainless 45acp one being my next XDs purchase. Not sure if they will ever come out with a 40cal or 357sig version, but either option would be cool too.

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          Sounds good. May be what I want for cycling.


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            That is probably one of the absolute best weapon reviews I have seen yet, nothing was left out from a details standpoint. I might have to break down and get one of these myself.


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              As far as the low round count goes, you have to remember that what you are likely to encounter. If a singular attacker then it should generally be a moot point. If encountering a pack, just remember they travel in packs because they are cowards and don't expect the victim to fight back. When the victim DOES fight back then their entire battle plan goes out the window and it's every thug for himself to un-ass the A.O. After the first thug takes a slug between the driving lights it's a pretty good guess the others aren't going to stick around to see who's next. Above all, situational awareness can trump round count. Keep your head on a swivel.


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                + 1 Steve, that was a very complete review!
                As the owner of a 45 caliber XDs, I agree with your entire evaluation.
                If you like doing these types of gun reviews, let me know, as I have some ideas where you could do so in an official capacity here at WarRifles.com.

                Yes, as Don stated correctly, most crapheads with ill intent will scream like a woman and run away, once the shooting starts. However, there are those goblins who you might actually
                know and they might be mad over some imagined or real personal issue (such as one involving a female or insulting opinion, etc) and still others who may be high on drugs and also
                have some back-up goblins on tap...that's when more shots would certainly be welcome. I make a point to avoid all potential 'types' of attackers and I do often carry my XDs as my
                only/primary weapon. However, due to the low round count, I also stash an extra mag in my off side pocket, just in case.
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                  Outstanding review

                  XD series are great shooting, accurate and reliable weapons.

                  Haven't owned one yet, but fired friends many times.

                  I've never had any issue with the grip safety on XD , I was surprised how well it functioned.

                  For carry it's Glock 26 (3gen) for me in the warm weather and G19(gen 3) when it gets cooler. You can never have too much firepower, I like the added security of a loaded 33 round mag that I can use with both of them if the need ever arises.


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                    Yep, after reading that review I'm seriously considering one of these. Will it be in 9mm or 45, that's what the question is.
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                      XDs Caliber?

                      I have two of the Springfield XDs's in 45 caliber. One is in a leather pocket holster and I almost always carry it daily. The "spare" has a Crimson Trace laser and is in a Sneaky Pete leather "case" and I use this for dress-up social occasions.

                      The XDs 45 and 9MM are the same basic size, although the 9MM may be a few thousandths of an inch thinner, not really sure. The 9 MM does hold one more round than the 45, but this is not terribly significant to me. Have heard many times the 9MM round is "as-good-as" the 45 round. Have never ever heard the 45 round is "as-good-as" the 9MM round. Go figure.

                      Very happy with the accuracy, size & grip safety of the XDs. Have a Glock 43 but pass on using it as a pocket pistol (no grip safety). Also is about the same size as the XDs so nothing would be gained here.


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                        Excellent review sir! I have owned an XD45 since 2007 when I bought it for my new job at an armored carrier. I have always treated it as a work gun so I never worried about mars or scratches but I have added a few things to it over the years to enhance the use of it. First was Mepro lightsights. I was unimpressed with them at the range due to the off center lighting they neither glowed from the lights over head nor from the tritium. In actual use they glow brightly in sunlight and also in dim light or darkness. I replaced the plastic striker spring guide with a stainless steel one (just for the heck of it) allegedly to help reliability. Then I added a guide rod laser, which works very well, the one downside being batteries only last 12 months. I carried it for work and concealed carry in a crossbreed supertuck deluxe for several years and only got made once with a too short shirt getting my infant daughter strapped into her car seat. I've never had an issue with it firing any ammunition but I only have about 1500 rounds through it. This last week I added Talon Grips granulate grip and it absolutely has transformed the grip. Though I wouldn't carry it concealed with the granulate it's absolutely fantastic for open carry.
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                          I've only had a chance to shoot an XD once, at an instructor diagnostics class at the SIG Academy last fall. This was a class for law enforcement instructors to learn diagnostic tools to better train other shooters.

                          As part of the course, officers switched with other officers to try the various different firearms. A majority were SIGs and Glocks in all the available calibers & configurations, but one that I partnered up with had a full-size XD in .45 ACP. It was a joy to shoot, very comfortable in the hand, perceived recoil was minimal, and for me being able to put a full magazine in to one ragged hole at seven yards offhand was a treat.

                          The use of this full-size XD also benefited me in regards to my duty P229, in that it lead me to get the largest grips available to fit on my 229. Results being that my group size shrank measurably as I was now able to better control my own firearm.

                          I don't own an XD, but if I was in the market for (yet another) .45 I'd sure be tempted to pick a full-size XD. It's a good piece of equipment.