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Wiring a Solar Panel Array to Double Your Power Output

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    Well I may have missed it, But I don't think I seen any one that actually has panels up and are using them. as far as how they are wired doubling the output is BS,

    I have run my BOL from panels for over 10 years. And you can't get two times as much out of the panels as they are rated.

    Wiring them so the out put is a higher voltage, will save a little loss from the panels to the controller, as the higher voltage will have less line loss and if you are using an inverter A lot, it will save some in the conversion, from whatever your DC voltage ( usually 12 volts)is that you are wired for to the 120 or 240 volts of an whole house inverter.

    Like if you wire the system so panels, and batteries puts outs 48 volts, and you use a 48 volt inverter, your current( and heat generated) will be less than if you wire the panels for 12 volts and use a 12 volt inverter like I did. With the 12 volt inverter you loose a lot more watts/power in heat during the conversion. You must figure all losses.

    But But But. What I found out was that everything Or all most everything has alternate ways to do what you want, either it has ways to run off 12 volts, or something else, much more efficiently.

    so instead of putting in a 48 volt inverter and wiring the panels to put out 48 volts and trying to run regular house hold stuff or low wattage usage stuff and burning up a ton of wattage, and then try to figure out a way to use the 12 volt stuff you have on 48 volts. I just switched to mostly 12 volt stuff, Radios, Lights, TV, and so on and just use the inverter when I have no other choice.

    I wired 12 volts right into the place. and even use a 12 volt water pump to supply water for the bath room and kitchen. other than sounding a little strange you really can't tell the difference.

    The 12 volt LED lights are a little softer, and use a ton less of wattage than the standard house light bulb, The radio equipment loves the 12 volts. That is what it uses anyway.

    The TV same thing, About the only thing I need the inverter for is the satellite receiver. And I am sure if I dig into it, far enough I could find a place that I could tie in 12 volts to that as well, I know most of the Ic's use 5 volts so it figures there is a 12 volt source in there some place, and it would work. But it uses so little it really is not worth the bother. Besides I use the same receiver in several other places.

    So that is my 2 cents worth, hope it was some help to some one. as some one said Ohms law and one or two other formulas are solid when it comes to electronics.

    Power in and power out minis component efficiency line and heat loss.

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      That is a joke? right?


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        Mostly snake oil, about the only thing I could see is more equally charging each battery, kind of kin to cell balancing.

        Double the output, Snake oil.

        In my humble opinion, that is.


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          OP hasn't been back in over 9 years. Time to un-sticky and delete the thread?